Different accents

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Been a long time lurker as you can see, couple of meaningless posts and that's the extent of my wild Internet forum life.


Now to get back to the subject in hand, this is a thread for all the different accents going g on around English speaking countries, and any other country who wants to join in. 


Now I live in the far north of England, and by a person accent, I can usually tell where in England they are from, right down to the nearest town.


Is it like that in America and other countrise? Is it.the same in non English speaking countries? 

In the US, yes to a degree. Shitload of rehional accents, but it misses a few as some southern guys have no real accent etc

Im from Louisiana(Baton Rouge) and I live in Mississippi now and I get called a yankee all the time even tho Im 5.5 hours north of where Im from. So I think people can tell youre not from around but cant place exactly where youre from. Americans are a dumb bunch tho.  

I'm from San Diego and people tell me I have an accent wtf

Granted these were folks from the midwest

Everyone has an accent when you're a full blooded Californian

In Finland we have seven "basic" accents, and then there is also some smaller slangs.