Different types of Judo?

My Judo knowledge is almost nil as I do BJJ with a few Judo throws. I was talking to a member of a formal Judo club and he said his club takes your opposition and throws him to the mat and then they restart. They don't follow it up once you go to the mat. He said if the throw is perfect, then you will also the "lock" (if that's the right word. I said with BJJ, you go to the mat and you now continue in close contact until you have the lock or submission. I know Judo is alot of throws, but I'm amazed you don't do ground work? Are there different types of Judo and some of them do ground work?

I'm not trying to be a smart-ass, but is English your first language?

to win in judo you have to throw your opponent on his/her back. if your freind wanted to work his ground game he could of simpley asked his partner to continue the fight.

it also depend on the club. some clubs train 50/50 some trains mostly stand up, with some basic newaza(ground tech.)

in my club we do about 5 rounds of newaza followed up by like 5 round of randori(standup) normaly i don't go to the ground after a takedown/throw. simply because it sucks to do ground work when there are other people doing stand up & they land on you.

Well, I can't comment on what you heard, after all you heard it.

In club randori you don't usually continue on the ground as lots of
people are playing and someone could get thrown on top of you and
injure someone.

In the sport of Olympic Judo there are many ways to win. If you take
the person from a standing position and throw them to their back with
skill and force the match is over, much like freestyle wrestling.

You can also win by pinning someone to the mat for 25 seconds, or by
making them tap out to an armbar or choke.

Good players will learn to "throw to position" which means throwing
someone into a pin or submission. Again, this is usually not done on a
club level as landing on people tends to reduce training partners.

I hope this helped.

Mark Tripp