differing kinds of drunkeness

does anyone on here believe that different brands of beer can lead to different kinds of drunkeness, strengths notwithstanding? I had a heated debate with my mate at the weekend who is adamant that drinking Stella makes him aggressive, while other brands do not. I suggested it was merely the high alcohol content of Stella but he wasn't having any of it, even after I glassed him hard in the face.

Personally, whether I drink fine cask ale from a micro-brewery or mass-produced watery-piss the effect is the same; I become witty, charming and devilishly handsome. Right up until midnight when I vomit on my shoes and soil my pants.

It's all the same alcohol.

It's still the same alcohol :P The hangover may be different tho. Vodka, for example generally produces a light hangover. Homebrew does as well, since yeast provides many of the nutrients whose lack causes hangovers in the first place.

i agree with your buddy.  when i drink red dog or icehouse iget mean.  it happens whenever i have either of these 2.  i  don't drink them any more because of the effects they have(and i have money now)

but this was proven to me without a doubt just a couple months ago when my girlfriend was filling my beer with her ladies night draft.  soon after i began acting like a dick to my friends and staring down strangers.

sure enough the cheap beer was icehouse.  i left before anyhting got out of hand.

also i find Labatt Blue to have a very calming effect on me

Hold on though, same alcohol, but different methods of consumption, other differences (sugar content, additives), different environment (ppl tend to drink different thing when they're with different people), plus you have the psychological effect, the placebo effect.

So, IMO, you can get a different drunk from different drinks.