Dig over-saturated sound of...


something about that over-saturated distotion that can BARELY be contained really adds a great texture to a song (the right song of course)-

couple of examples:

Porcupine Tree's "Even Less" (solo)

Jane's Addiction's "Price I Pay" (solo)

who are some other fans and give me more stuff to check out-

I LOVE over the top distorted tones. I've spent about half my life trying to get them. I have some faves too:

Billy Corgan and James Iha get some INSANE tones. A couple tunes have solos that sound like total amp rape.

Carlos Santana on "Open Invitation". Like he's attacking a metal trash can with a chainsaw.

Buckethead gets some fabulously distorted sounds. His live sound is like a joint rolled out of crunched up Armageddon sprinkled with Mardi Gras with a Stephen King sauce and some Bruce Lee kicks on the side.

On the new CD from Dream Theatre, John Patrucci gets a tone that could set a new standard for huge,fat,thick, corpulant,intimidating girth in a guitar tone.

Bonglock is correct.

"Set the standard" is a bit presumptuous in regard to either, I suppose. Good sounds, but each one of many colors in the high gain palate.

What makes a great OD tone to you? Is it a cranky, spitty, something's-going-to-break thing?
Or is it a smooth as great Scotch,singing,violin like note with a round attack?

It's all good to me.

I'll be honest that I don't know enough about music to say Fripp 'set the standard' with that solo, but it's fucking awesome.

Zappa had some great tones live, I'll dig up some titles later.

There is a song on 'the downward spiral' with an insane guitar solo - it sort of sounds like stretching rubber.