Dillashaw-I don't think Barao deserves a rematch

Here is the Brand New MMA Roasted Podcast. Jake Ellenberger calls in and our guests are TJ Dillashaw and Darrill Schoonover. Me and T-Rexx talk about our show last week, Jake is in Omaha getting his brother ready and talks about dealing with the Tornados.


TJ comes on at 30.49. He takes us through the Barao fight, gives us an update on the Duane Ludwig and Martin Kampann situation, tells us his fiance "hooked him up" sexually the night he won, said that he wouldn't want to fight Faber because they are best friend and brothers and it would be tough for him to have to beat him up.


Darrill comes on at 50.38. He talks about what he's been up to since TUF, how he deals with people calling him "Titties"...how he wants to fight Rampage--will stand and trade with him and then would pee in his mouth. Hope you enjoy. Adam

Lmao @ titties peeing in page's mouth Phone Post 3.0

Barao was on a crazy win streak. Normally I don't mind seeing guys like him get a rematch. But this fight was so one sided, I'll pass.

Let Barao go fight someone else to earn a title shot and let Dillashaw show us what it looks like when he puts his new supercharged MMA on someone else please.

Sub Phone Post 3.0

Too bad cuz rematch is happening, a lot of buzz around that fight would be promotional malpractice (ha) not to run it back Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't hate a rematch because I like both fighters and wouldn't hate seeing them go at it. But Renan got Tooled last time. So what could renan do different Phone Post 3.0

Why is the host asking sexual questions about Dillashaw's fiancé? He kept asking personal questions even after Dillashaw told him he was getting married to her this weekend. Fucking weird.