Dillion says "Fuck it, I'm out"

Dillion Dentist just landed the KO blow on his online BFF Logan Pagan by seemingly pulling out of the fight.



Good now we get to see Perry beat his ass


Haha, who didnt see this coming. Logan gets dragged for months and then has to fight an absolute savage in Mike Perry

Logan really didnt think it through thinking 100k would stop Danis from backing out of the fight. Everyone would rather see the Perry fight anyway


The fight made no sense in the first place. Perry vs Logan will be fun if Logan doesn’t back out.


I don’t understand how anybody thinks D’Anus is winning somehow here and controlling the situation.

He’s a fucking loser who doesn’t fight and constantly backs out of commitments.

Too many people wearing their Logan hating glasses fogging their view.

Stop acting like this guy is anything more than a fucking loser. Logan being a loser does not change that fact about D’Anus.

Congrats D’Anus, you accomplished nothing, harassed some chick you aren’t involved with in any way, cost yourself $100,000, lost out on the most money you’d ever make and further proved your useless reputation.


My hero.


Geez guy… you feel better now?


I see less than 5% chance of dannis backing out if that payday

if this is all true, Danis has proven himself to be one of the finest trolls on earth. look how badly he’s fucked Logan over… it’s astonishing.

but don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of trolls are low-grade morons, mouth-breathers, arseholes and bastards IRL and Danis is no exception.

hail Danis, hilarious king of the fuckwitts


I don’t know man, this is just D’Anus doing D’Anus things.

Literally everyone here knew the second this was announced that D’Anus wouldn’t show up. It was commented many times.

In that regard, only Logan has fucked Logan over.

  • Logan chose an unreliable troll to ‘fight’
  • Logan chose an animal like Perry as a replacement

Logan fucked Logan.

It’s hard to crown a troll king who (financially) harmed himself in the process. The real troll king would do all the things he’s done and then go kick Logan’s ass and take his money and rub it in more after.

I can’t respect a guy who doesn’t even have enough confidence to win a fight against Logan fucking Paul :rofl:.

Can’t be true. He must be trolling.

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  1. Ruthlessly mock Logan and destroy his marriage

  2. Grow your social media presence massively, securing your financial future

  3. Dip out of the fight leaving Logan doomed to be brutalized by Mike Perry

Danis stays winning


Danis is the supertroll of the universe forever!


It’s the perfect result for Dillon after months of epic trolling. He’s already destroyed Logan’s relationship. Now he steps back, and let’s Mike Perry destroy his face. Win for Dillon.


Logan left several lay-ups, but Danis literally pressed all the right buttons at the right time. that took timing, guile and a notable lack of humanity. not everyone can summon such demonic work.

for many people, troll king is the person who manipulates the world from their keyboard, which Danis has notably achieved.

you’re defining a different kind of king. maybe warrior troll king. no-one is saying Danis is a warrior troll king, as the analogy runs.

if he intends to pay the 100k, chances are he earned it somehow with his added notoriety, or had some kind of deal in place with Mike Perry or whoever. sure, Danis could have come out of this better. but he definitely won the internet bit.


I was actually looking forward to this fight lol


When has he ever shown an ability to be smart enough to do this?

Followers are worth nothing, you need to have a plan and actively work to monetize that.

You planning to go buy a bunch of D’Anis merch now to support?


True. An important element here.

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I’m not a fan of Logan but I would not be shocked if he beat Perry in boxing.

They chose himfor a reason

Has Logan beaten anyone in boxing?


You guys are crazy if you think he’s going to have to pay $100,000 for backing out (if he does)

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