Dillon a Patriot

Just got sent a rumor that Correy Dillon's a Patriot.
Can anyone confirm? Dillon under Belicheck, wow, the
sparks are gonna fly!

Oh yeah, go Chargers! :(

Yep, for a 2nd round pick on Saturday.

Thats a great pickup for the Pats if it happens.

there's no "if" about it:


cut and paste guys, I'm too lazy to make a link.

Could be a stroke of genius; could blow up in Belichick's face. We will see.

Good move for both teams IMO. Dillon was unhappy in Cincy (for good reason) & the Pats need a runner. Should have saw this coming.

as a jets fan when i saw this on ESPN i let out a HUGE fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk

Hopefully him and Ty Law will become good friends and put the Pats into the ground.

lol, shadetree still hating on the pats!!! How 'bout those 49ers?

Rich get richer. Plus two 1st rounders and a productive off season... arrgh! Just give 'em the Lombardi already 'cause they've got it wrapped up.

They're gonna be a lot better with this pickup. Teams are actually going to have to respect the run against them now. Dillon doesn't have a reputation as being the best guy on earth, but putting him in a situation where he knows his team will compete will change a lot of that, IMO.

"Tommie, just give up and come over to the dark side. "

never!!! theres actually a little part of me that kind of enjoys the misery and pain of being a jets fan

good pickup obviously for the Pats. Problem is is that it looks like they're gonna lose Ty Law.

As a Dolphins fan, ditto to what Tommie said...

thATis just crazy