Dillon Danis Threatens Bisping to a Street fight

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Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping could not help but chuckle after receiving a street fight threat from Bellator’s Dillon Danis.

Bisping was on commentary duty for tonight’s UFC Vegas 25 event and as usual managed to entertain fans both on and off the air. During this evenings main card lineup, ‘The Count’ replied to one fight fans criticism with “Why don’t you cry about it?” .

Got to go with the Count on this on.

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Why the fuck do people keep talking about Danis? Had he not been involved in that khabib scuffle he’d be nobody by now. He doesn’t grapple. He doesn’t enter jiu jitsu tournaments and he sure as fuck isn’t fighting. He’s a social media celebrity. Gay.

Sometimes you feel bad for him by how badly Gordon aRyan eviscerates him, but then you see shit like this and realize it’s totally deserved.

He could be Logan and Jakes Brother from another Mother

Bisping is a retired future hall of famer .Danis is a nobody who never fights



Dillon can play the role all he wants. He cried at promotions when he didn’t get his Black Belt from Marcelo. He went in the corner and cried like a cunt. Then he cried when he got it at the next promotion- PAB!

The Filthy Streets of London (imho) TFSoL

Why doesn’t he call out bellator fighters? Did he forget that he’s a part of the bellator roster and hasn’t fought in 2 years? And calling out a guy with 1 eye? Really?

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BJJ guys who dont have a legit wrestling background would be smaft to stfu

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I can wrassle