dim-mak vs bjj

Fox news segment on a guy that claims can knock out people with pressure point strikes or no strikes at all. He makes it down to a BJJ academy.




Did you notice something a little "special" about his students?

The hair?



LOL at "You just hit me in the head"

Apparently retarded young man: If you wanna see for your self, come on down and we'll be happy to knock you out,
unless you are athletic or do not belong to the susceptible 40% group known as "pussies".

Remember Master Al Farnsworth? I think that was his name. Ads in Blackbelt claiming the UFC wouldn't let him in because of his "Poison Hand Technique."



I'm still laughing over "You just hit me in the head" .

Complete this sentence: "there's a sucker born every ......"

I don't know about being a master in dim-mak but that dude sure looks like he's mastered the art of eating the "big-mac". Maybe that's what he really said and they misundertood him.

All I can say....silly man, with his big-mac poison hand technique.


I just put the whole segment on a flash drive for my instructor...

He's a 2nd in BJJ under Joe Moreira, and more importantly, a 3rd under Dillman himself.

I can't wait to hear his reaction. :)


Not all that long ago I had some priveledged sessions with a student of Dim Mak. He cockily told my brother her was going to the UFC in a year and wanted to train with me since my brother told him I train MMA. He showed up at my house with a book bag full of Dim Mak book and drove two hours to train with me. He was sure he was going to beat me down. He came over about six times and after being absolutely dominated in every aspect of the game he insisted that Dim Mak worked and he just wasnt good enough at it yet. The last time he came over he tried some Street Fighter two double punch bs (I got this on video) full force. I turned his legs into decomposing knobs of flesh with leg kicks. He came back two weeks later after that and called it quits.

Keoni: You may be one of those "athletes" that know
how to "channel" the energy.



Yeah, Keoni is one of those 40 percents of the population that can withstand Dim Mak :)

I have the tape and desperately want to be able to post it. It shows good old fashioned BJJ completely utterly tooling the Chi right out of him.