Din Thomas Seminar ATT Orlando

Din Thomas

RSF Champion, WEF Lightweight Champion, 8x UFC Vet, Black Belt in BJJ under Ricardo Liborio

Will be hosting a seminar at ATT Orlando

Where:  10019 University Blvd Orlando, FL  in the plaza behind Discount Auto Parts.

When:  Saturday June 9th 12:00pm-2:00pm

How much: Free for all students, only $25 for non students!!!!!

Reserve your spot now by calling 407-677-5269.  At this price it is sure to fill up. 

DAMN thats a good deal

to bad i live in another state-- what does din charge for his out of state seminars


I don't know.  You'd have to check out attpsl.com/ and they would be able to tell you.

If your at an ATT school, do you get to go to another ATT school, if your out of town?

If that's the case, it seems from feasible to just go to Din's school. :)

Carlson Jr was doing seminars at my old school. Then he taught class the night before... It was almost like a freebie.






That is the single greatest value in this sport.

Dance lessons included in that seminar?
TTT for Din and the guys at ATT Orlando

American Top Team


Din gives a great seminar!

Will the curriculum be mainly MMA?

Yes, it will be.





That's slick as a MF...

ttt, Din is a cool cat. And that price is smokin.

ttt for Din