Din Thomas V. Jake Short

February 12th AFC Fort Lauderdale,FL

Main event
Dinyero vs Man of Steel

This is a huge fight for me... I have been bustin my ass training and i will be ready. Din is a very tough and very well rounded fighter he has not fought mma in over a year... so i am hoping his return will not be a victorious one... regardless of what happens.. its gonna be a war and i look forward to it...

I will also be in the FFC 8 man 155 Tourney...that will include several young talented fighters as well as a few vetrans.... its gonna be a long night for somebody.. and the winner is gonna be very deserving of the #1 contender to Dave Gardners 155 FFC title..

Man of Steel...

Good luck to both fighters. Huge fan of both of you.


good luck to both fighters

When is the FFC 155 tourney? GOOD LUCK!!!

good luck g!


March 5th Grand Casino Tunica MS

right now.. it looks like... Short,Guillard,Huerta,Sannon Smith,Daryl Smith, Marck Colangelo.... two spots left i think....

my focus for this will begin Feb 16 for now its on the #8 Ranked 155 in the world.. Din.. hopefully i can ride momentum from a win over him into this tourney.. win or lose i will be ready to GnP on the 5 in MS

Man of Steel

My $$$ is on Din. $100 to be exact. Any takers? Respond here or e-mail me at mikeblak@yahoo.com. Good luck to both fighters.

Good call Jake....You're 100% correct....Din is SUPER tough & totally well-rounded & I can speak for many when I say....We cant wait to see you again!

Jake AFC is a great show....totally first class all the way! & you should enjoy the show immensely....also a bunch of great undercard fights too.

See Y'all Feb 12th

TTT for some Jake Short supporters to step up.

If I had any money it would be on Din.

I admire and respect Jake Short's attitude, courage, work
ethic, and mind - set. That being said, however, I think Din
will prove to have too many tools and if I, too, had any $ on
this one it would have to be on Din, as long as he doesn' t
take this lightly and comes in in good shape and ready for a
good fight.

Best wishes to both for a good, hard fought battle that both
come away from without any significant injuries.



Jake- Big fan of yours, and big supporter of yours as well. ALso a huge fan of Din. Wish neither of you guys were fighting each other. If I was a betting man though bro I would have to go with Din as well. Hate to say that to ya, because I do admire you as well. Best luck to you and Din. Should be quite a battle.


Fearless Goat

Good luck man!


Man, you take some tough fights. Good luck.

Fighting tough guys is the only way to get urself known....in all honesty i would fight anyone if the price is right.. lol

I appreciate the kind words from everyone.. i realize i am the underdog... and thats just fine by me... Din has everything to lose in this fight and i have nothing to lose.. there is pretty much no pressure on me while Din... well he is Din Thomas cmon people expect big things from him.....time will tell...

Man of Steel

I belive that Jorge Gurgel is also in the FFC 8 man 155 Tourney.

MY BELT. Come and get it boys. ;)
-GARDNER- FFC Lightweight

Sounds like a good fight. Din is one of the few fighters I've met in person and he was cool as hell so I have to root for him but huge props to Jake Short for taking a step up in competition.