Din Thomas

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Din Thomas for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come by our gym to guest instruct my grappling class. Everyone says that they learned a ton, and I, for one, am greatful.

Din, and all of the members of American Top Team are class acts! We here at LA Boxing in Littleton, CO thank you, and welcome you back any time!!


ttt for din


Sally, I told Din that you and Skip wanted baby pictures!!

Din is the Best

Din is a fantastic coach. He treats his students as if they were his best friends. I wouldn't train anywhere else.

Anyone that has the opportunity to train with Din, either for a short time, or permanently, is bound to improve by leaps and bounds!!

Din is uuugly and his feet always make my hands stink when I try to footlock him.


he makes the best chicken cor don blue.... just fantastic!!

din's grappling = one of the most underrated in MMA


he makes horrible gnockies though...

not enough meat in the stuffed cabbage in my opinion...