Din Thomas!

Looks like your Gi training payed off!

Nice to see the veterans of the sport like you, Mikey, Serra, Shonie, etc. get this type of television exposure. You guys all deserve it.

Congrats on the win, and good luck in the semi's!


Very talented fighter. If Din trains properly, he could be a champion.

Gi training?

I hope Din earns his way back in the UFC. He is coming over this weekend to Sarasota to do a seminar with Charles McCarthy to help fight cancer. You got to respect any guy that is a champion on and off the mats. TTT for Din.

ttt for Din, I have always thought Din was top notch, in fighting and in life.


i missed the fight. any play by play!


yeah I am curious too how it played out.


There should be a summary and inteviews on Spiketv.com. Just click on the TUF 4 link

Din Thomas is very sharp with his skills...I enjoyed watching the movement and quick sharp blows...

Quick play by play....Din and his opponent trade shots and work for positioning standing...They seem to be showing a lot of respect to one another as Din is completely aware of the other guys (forgot his name?) KO power...After some brief standup...I believe I remember the other guy getting Din to his back, however, Din looked completely comfortable in that position...Din instantly was active off his back looking for some type of submission...Eventually he began to cleverly sink in a triangle choke to which the other guy tried feverishly to muscle out of....He picked Din up about waste high and slammed him to the ground...In repayment for his efforts, he only sunk the choke in deeper...Where after a few more moments of struggling, the other guy was forced to tap....Din got the win somewhere around the 3 min mark in the first round...

damn that is nice, I wish I coulda seen the fight......



I also wish the best for Din, I would see him a while back training at ATT and Pablos and he is very down to earth guy and very good BJJ. I wasn't very high up in the food chain and he always remembered me and said hello and I wish him luck and prosperity.

Now Din is my boy and I was happy as shit that he won that fight, but come on guys lets at least say Mikey's name.

Mikey Burnett is a bit of a UFC legend (at least to the true old-school fans). I just think that we all should give him his props and from the show he seems to be very cool.

But all in all - TTT for Dinyero


Din fights through life threatening disease to overcome the odds and win. I want the movie rights.

I agree with you MTG.  I was really happy to hear Dana say to Mikey at the end of the show that he is not done.  Mikey is a great guy and I look forward to him fighting on an UFN card or even a PPV.

As for Din... extremely impressive as was expected.  Congrats Din!


Nice triangle, I know Din is working to get his bjj black belt.
good job.



TTT for Din, way to go!

"Hes a Bad Bitch"!!!!