DING 60 !!!

First Tard Charger to 60

Whoa shite

where did you get the money for your epic mount? I have about 550g saved up but I don't think I'm gonna have enough by the time I hit 60.

where did you get the money for your epic mount?

great uncles man....i thought every OG'er has a great uncle who leaves them gold....my gnome mage has had about 5 great uncles leave him gold....

Gratz Man!

Now you can sleep.

Congrats mang.

Damn, that was quick. You just grind your way to 60 from 59?

Yeah, but not purposely. I was ganked hard core and I just could not fucking completely a quest in WPL, EPL, or sillithus, or fuck...anywhere. I couldn't even grind stupid felpaws in felwood. I had to find a couple of lonely places in winterspring. I just did the grind, grind, grind at winterspring, hit DM and BRD once. That was it. Sucked.

I'm guessing that within a month TheSeanster will abandon Tard Chargers for an end-game raiding guild...

will not. Besides, I'll be grinding AV for a month at least. :-)

So theseanster is really the first of you guys to reach 60?

Yep, I knew his ass would pass me the way he was moving.

There are others close behind too with a lot of OGer in the low 50's. We should be able to make good 10 man runs here in a few months.

Yeah, we got a lot of people in upper 40s lower 50s, it's gonna be sweet!!! I can't wait until we all get bored one night and just go terrorize places like gankistan and STV. Fuck those places, burn em down.

Personally, my ass is planning on camping Ashenvale to get some revenge out of my system. Seriously, I'm going to gank the lowest level people I can find until they have to relog with their mains or call their buddies. I'm bitter. BITTER!!!! I owe the entire alliance some unfair ganking for making me grind from 59 to 60. That was a shitty grind. So many assholes camped me in repeatedly ganked me in places like WPL and EPL while I was busy with mobs or they had 6 of them and 1 of me. First time, great. Second time, ok maybe. camping me and hitting me a 3rd time. I feel like a rape victim. I owe people some unfair fights and I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it.

Anyways, I guess I'll have to balance all that out with AV and working alts too.

amen to that brother.

Great site for questing at 60. (and leading up to 60)


Key quests and such. Good stuff.

I'd suggest getting your Onyxia attunement and MC attunements done

Its tough to get good BRD groups unfortuanatly. I bet I've had 9 BRD quests for 6 months now.

Onyxia key walkthrough: Horde


Fuck BRD PUG's, if they don't give up trying to get into the fucking place they never get far enough in to get the MC attunement pieces.

  • sigh *

I'm probably just going to use my shammy for farming stuff for the most part now. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm having much more fun being a warrior. At 60, I can get into raid groups, but I get the standard, "are you a resto??? Just heal." Well, fuck that. Not my bag. I found myself just going for items. Fuck that too, for what??? I like enhance spec...why? I like melee. Too bad that I like magic too, but fuck it, I give up. I could grind AV to get my epic PvP gear, but I wanna run instances too. I'm pretty much left with 1 choice...work my warrior alt until he's my main. I think that's my plan now. I know that sounds crazy guys, but that's how I feel about it.

The Wedge

It's some crazy number like 10-20 days. I didn't totally focus on lvling like that lvling guide, so I can't really lvl that fast. So I'm not sure what good the number does anyone. If you want to know what I did to lvl, I quested as much as a could and tried to do it paired up with people. I grinded when I was overly ganked or a couple bars short of lvling before singing out. That's pretty much it. Most of the guys here can easily lvl faster than me. THis was my first character.

Ding 60!

Thats makes two chargers now.

keep dinging 60 fuckers. Some time at the end of June I should have my gaming pc built and have alot more tard time.