Ding Rank 9

I don't think I'll be able to hit 10 this week. Probably be a couple of weeks.

Rank 9.5 here, I got standing 65 with 140k honor earned, I love my server, alliance loses every battle so no one queues and my rank shoots through the roof.

Damn, nice. I got 200K and ended up 211 in rankings. Pretty fucked up huh?

I play mainly AB and if you can hold 2 points the whole match you get 1100 honor compared to the winning teams 1900, its not bad.

Yup, and the funny thing is I've been on teams that could have won by holding 3 nodes. Fuckers got greedy against a decent team and ended up losing when it would have been FUCKING CAKE to hold 3 nodes. Dumbasses always push for the 4th anyways and end up losing a node and holding 2 struggling to get back to 3. Plus you have the assclowns that don't fight on the flag.

Sorry for the FRAT, but I gotta tell you my AV woes...

Last night I was tanking Vandar Stormpike and I died. No big deal, except...I rez in the fucking cave! Dumbasses managed to lose the fucking aid station (and SP, and SH, and IB) because EVERYONE decided to hit vandar. Worse yet, someone ran out and he reset! We made 3 lame attempts to rush SP after that but dumbasses again previaled on the horde because they went in 1 by 1 to their deaths instead of holding up and waiting and rushing as a group.

/bg you guys are fucking stupid, gg.


Damn I got 210k honor and it bumped me less than a full rank- 35% rank 7 to 8% rank 8. It's gonna take forever to hit 10 :\

yeah bro, 1/3 of the way to 10 right now. Unless my math guesstimate is way off, that's about this week for me to grind and next week to get to champion. After that I'm gonna take a nice vacation and do something simple like grind a new character to 60 or something, sheesh.

i have been playing WSG lately over AV....more killing....sometimes I play AV and only get like 5 kills cause all the horde and alliance just run by each other instead of fighting. I have only ran AB once. Is it fun?

AB can be pretty fun on the right team

AB games don't drag on like WSG. WSG some aholes just turtle and it sucks. AB, worse case is a 3-2 cap situation.

Ya I think I favor AB most.

Must try AB.

AB is fun, I prefer AV though

OK,I did AB last night and came in first place 8 times in a row.

Locks FTW.
18 kills in one of the games.

Locks are awesome for D in any BG. Offense is just a given.

Bah, always do the featured BG for bonus weekends! Making honor in AV right now is ridiculously easy!

Yeah I grinded AV all day yesterday. Must.....hit....rank 10