Dion Phaneuf

Is a PUSSY. He plays real physical but wears the visor. Take off the visor you PUSSY. I am so unhappy with the NHL right now. First all the small market teams cried about good owners who spend money, then they change all the rules to make guys like Dion Phaneuf good players. In the OLD NHL where guys would fight this guy would get his ass beat every game, but since there is an instigator rule that does not happen. He hit three Avalanche players who not only did not have the puck, they were skating away from the puck. The guy is a symbol of everything wrong with the game. Take the visor, and if you want to play physical back your shit up. The NHL is not what it use to be.

In other news the Avalanche are 20lbs and 3 inches smaller than the rest of the NHL and get beat up every night.



Phaneuf is the closest thing to a throw back there is. and would have been able to play in any era, one of the few young players you can say that for, unlike the majority of the pussy asses that have played for your team through out it's history, and currently as well.

So wrong about Phaneuf, the guy does drop 'em. The Flames had to go and get a guy like Primeau to stop guys like Iggy and Dion from fighting. Both are definitely throwbacks and would be stars in any era. While the Flames are my teams' mortal enemy i do respect th way most of them play the game, Phaneuf included. Now if they could get Happy Gilmore Phaneuf to hit the net they'd be scary, but that's a whole 'nother issue ;P

Aves terrible management (as i've been saying for years) is what has ruined that team. Look at Detroit, they have had no problem adjusting and succeeding because they have been managed well by one of the best out there, Mr Ken Holland. They've (the Ave-nots) been exposed as just overspending instead of managing.

The young guys wearing the visors are smart, why cost yourself millions
of dollars because you want to appear tough, ask berard if he wishes he
had worn a visor that ill fated night.

He has had 3 fights this year. None of them against anyone of merit. Wow you beat up Ian Laperriere! He plays real tough, but hides behind his visor. And he and May did not fight because of the fact both teams are in pretty desperate places, and cannot afford the stupid insitagor penelty. Colorado had already lost Osi earlier in the night and could not lose someone else. I still say Phaneuf would get his ass handed to him in the old NHL.

The Avalanche are very young and will only get better. Liles and Leoplod are young defenseman, and Wolski, Statsney, Marek Svatos, and two players who have not played in the NHL yet Cody Burki and Chris Stewart will be solid players as well. Too bad we have to suck this year.

lol you were missed here my friend, you're like the Aves version of WC17. It's good to see you come back out of hiding.

Now how about that game last night?

aww i missed him

lol @ pussy

"lol you were missed here my friend, you're like the Aves version of WC17. It's good to see you come back out of hiding.
Now how about that game last night?"

Now man come on, I am nowhere NEAR WC17. That dude is a clown. A funny one, but he is a little off. The Avs suck. I hate their "new style" of hockey. It drives me crazy. We get out hit BAD every game and then people wonder what is going on. Well, when you are constantly gettig hit its hard to score. Its pretty funny to me. Until we get some more physical minded players in here we will struggle.


303 lol i knew that would get a rise outta ya ;P

Walt it's been coming around lately. Lots more hitting, more fighting, and a lot less penalties are being called. They gasp even actually discussed lightening up the stupid instigator rule. Yeah it's a tiny step, but at least it's finally one in the right direction in spite of Buttman's best efforts to ruin the game.

Who is the Avs new enforcer? Ian Lapierrere! A guy who is a great middleweight, and plays hockey the ways its suppose to be played. They need a legit heavyweight on this team, and Brad May, even though he is talented is also a great middleweight.

I have never understood how, with guys like Joe Sakic, and a great crop of young talent the Avs can play without a top enforcer. I would be willing to guarantee that guys like Joe Sakic, Woltek WOlski, Paul Statsney (who is a fantastic player BTW), Marek Svatos, and Milan Hejduk would produce more if there was a threat of retribution on physical play against them. Hockey is a tough sport, and they will take there licks, but who is there to deter players from taking shots on Sakic etc? Nobody. I hate it. I know they will have one of the most talented power forwards to be drafted in a few years on the squad next year in Chris Stewart, the guy is 6'4 and 235lbs, can score, is strong, plays physical, and plays with a mean streak, and they have one of the better young enforcers in Johnny Boychuk who is also 6'2, or 6'3 and 230lbs and plays defense. They need to get these guys on the roster STAT. Next year looks promising with a fair amount of cap room, Stewart and Buychuk hopefully being brought up, and for the first time we will have 3 very good centers in Sakic who will center line 1, Statsney on line 2, and a guy named Cody Burki who all the coaches are raving about being the line 3 center. He currently is in the minors but will be brought up next season. This season the Avs are not a very tough team in any sense of the word.


Isn't Sakic an UFA at the end of the year? Or am i on crack?

in case anyone missed it, spank is agreeing with wc17,


yusul We agree on a lot of things, as long as it's not the laffs or Canucks lol.

Dion a pussy lol cause he wears a visor!! I have heard it all now guys a fing stud period. He can do it all and btw he takes the visor off when he fights if the guy takes his helmet off or tells him too.

Sakic gets one year contracts every year as when the "new" NHL started its salary cap issue he did that to keep the Avs under the cap even more than they were. The Avs were one of the hardest hit teams with the salary cap. They paid their players top dollar, and their fans showed up. They did it the way it should have been done. The salary cap killed us. It really did not get much better than when the Avs had Borque, Foote, Blake, Forsberg, Sakic, Roy, Hejduk, Tanguay, Drury, and co. Then the small market teams started complaining. I do not get it, spend your money on good players and put a good product on the ice/field/court and the fans will come. As I said, I am bitter, and the salary cap killed my hockey team.


Paul stastny, Wolski, Liles, Svatos, Brunette, hejduk, they will be rebuilding a few years but they will be in the playoffs in 2 or 3 years with an explosiv eoffense again. Truth is they could've done some damage this year if they didn't do that Horrible theodore trade last season, they get the worst goaltending performances in the league (mostly from theodore, can't blame budaj)

Yea, Colorado is second in goal scoring, they just can't stop anything. Drives me crazy. They should just cut Theodore, get rid of him. He is a waste of talent.


Just pull the goalie for 60 mins. Someone might get excited and hit a post or two dropping that GAA and they'd actually instead have a man advantage while not stopping any pucks ;P

Actually Aves will be fine, it'll just take some time to clean up the mess & for that young talent to develop.

Isn't Theodore's contract up after this season? Either way, doesn't explain why they never sent him down to the minors, does the GM have too much dignity to admit that it was a stupid trade? I think Budaj is gonna be a solid number one goalie next season, but he'll play maybe 50-55 games, they need a decent backup, couple of more better defensive players. Like another Karlis Skrastins type.