dip/pull up belt

anyone have any recommendations for a weighted dip/ pull up belt. Ive been searching online and it seems almost all of them I can find have people complaining the chain is too short.

 These days I often use an X-Vest when I do weighted chins & dips. I do not add more that 40 lbs regularly so this works well. As far as belts go, I have used many and never had a problem. The most I have added is probably 90 lbs (2 x 45# plates).

This is what I use currently:



I use a vest as well.

Any recommendations for a vest? I bought one not to long ago and its awful. I think I got it off title mma.

The one Taku posted is the same one I've used. It works quite well and I've had no problems with it, either.

I bought an Ironmind one years ago and love it, super lightweight, comfortable, and as far as I can tell, indestructible. Phone Post

You can rig up a dipping harness by looping a length of rope through a weightlifting belt and adding plates as you see fit.

 I Hvae two X-Vests and have had them for years. They hold up well. I use them a lot. The ones I have are adjustable in 1 lb increments, from 0-40 LBS.

X-Vest are good stuff