Direct commission

I am returning to The Oklahoma National Guard in order to become an officer. I am preparing my OCS package.
I have an M.A. + some Ph.D. hours. I speak Farsi, French, Arabic and some German. What do you think it would take to get a direct commission? My rank is E-4 and I have not been in PLDC. I think it is a waste to be an E-4 in the Guard with my experience level.

I think it would take a MD or a Law Degree and you would have to branch Medical or Jag. Doctors and Lawyers are the only direct comissions I have heard of. There may also be direct comission for Chaplains. Otherwise you'd have to go through an officer commissioning program (ROTC or OCS) like everyone else.

I want to get my commission in the Guard so that I can have enough time to finish my doctoral work. I do however want to go active duty and make a career in the Army.

I have been told by my recruiter that the National Guard has given direct commission to soldiers with B.A./M.A. because of the huge shortage of officers, having been sent to Afghanistan.

AntarcticChamp, I am not as much familiar with other braches of the armed forces. Do you have any suggestions?

Shogun of Harlem, Between ROTC and OCS I also think that latter is better too (no disrespect to ROTC)

Thanks for the advices


Checking on a few things for the Regular Army and Army Reserve direct commissioning.

Right now, going to Army Reserve OCS is pretty simple. The acceptance rate is high.

The National Guard depends on state regulations,needs and requirements.

What State are you from?

Bottom line is why do you want a commission? If you wnat to lead soldiers and large organizatons then that's a good route. If you want to use your language skill then remain enlisted and go the Interrogator or SIGINT MOS route where your language will have a greater use. There are very few jobs in the Army that require officers to speak a foriegn language; some intel, SF, Psyops.

Ref commissioning source; OCS vs ROTC; it can be debated all day; neither is better than the other; they all produce a 2nd LT; the difference is what's inside that 2LT, does he posses the Warrior Ethos, can he lead men.

Major Bob

Thanks for responding Major Bob.

I am from the state of Oklahoma.

I do want to become an officer and lead men. I have been under the commande of some very good officers but also some not so inpiring. I want to be one who leads from the front, not the rear.

I am in a rifle company and yes, knowing all these languages may not seem to be as important at first. If we are ever activated in Afghanistan or Iraq I know I would rather be under the command of someone who knows a few things or two about the culture and language of the people we are trying to "fight" and "liberate" instead of a 25 year old lieutenant fresh out of school.

The more knowledge, the better.

Major Bob, I appreciate any further advice you have

Thank you