Direct TV UFC Special &

In addition to the clip of Tito attacking the UG and the interview with forum member xshanex, did anyone else notice one of the names visible on the thread xshanex was reading? None other than our own Robin Patterson was visible. I couldn't read the entire post, but I was able to make out something about Tito fighting smaller opponents.

The special is worth the $4 price for this fact alone.

ttt for ze patterson


Tito must be looking for info from the grappling expert.

"I saw redneck on there to. "

Finally, the gateway to megastardom has opened.

ttt for Patterson.

I seriously doubt Redneck was on there, vovchanchin. Tito wasn't reading the ug, but xshanex was when the Patterson post was shown. Chuck Liddell did mention that Tito was always on the computer whenever he was at Tito's house.

Oh yeah, I also want to know how xshanex got to be interviewed for this show.

Was xshanex angry in his interview?

Tito covered up and went the distance with Couture and Chuck went out and fought to win and lost in 3 does not= automatic win for Tito.


Fuck, I saw this and thought striker18 had returned.

olschool baby