Direct TV, weigh ins Mayweather & UFC

Holy shit, on DTV 101 right after the UFC countdown and weigh ins they are airing the Mayweather weigh ins. And I've never seen something so well established be a complete disaster thus far. They are announcing people who are no where near the stage, there is a state of mass confusion on the stage. Then they introduce some Spanish language broadcaster who comes up with his botox lips, erect nipples and horrible english and he's jumping up and down trying to get the crowd to chant for Marquez. Then when you think they couldn't be anymore desperate, contrived or fucked up they bring up a stand up comedian to try and rally the Mayweather fans.

Now boxing's very well established, in the eyes of most they are big brother and MMA is the dumber little brother. But the weigh in's are vastly different, and they just can't get it together, the air of desperation and complete confusion by the over managed and top heavy promotions involved is simply staggering. You would never know they are a top notch and well oiled machine by this weigh in. I'll continue to watch and be embarrassed for all involved just to see if Floyd runs his mouth again.

WTF i could've watched this on my tv.... shit!!!!!

DAMMIT!!! I'm stuck at work, I would love to LMAO at this circus shit of events!!!!

kanye west is an asshole

 is this supposed to be funny?

 watching it.

brosef's this shit is getting WORSE by the minute. DL Hughley is trying to sell the crowd and rally the fans on Floyd, and this fucking goofy fuck is doing the same for Marquez. They don't seem to know what to do, no one seems to be cheering Floyd. And DL is suffering in his attempts to rally them. I haven't even seen a grass roots level, local show have such a piss poor attempt to sell their event, or pump up the masses. This is some horrid shit.

Crazy Joe, this is horrible is it not?

god damn now they are having Triple H on their, he's escorting Floyd to the ring. This is fucking sad. Games over boys, Oscar and Golden boy need to jump ship permanently.

 this is pretty bad.  at least I know what Triple H thinks.

are you ready?

i said, are you ready?

Record that shit and post it here homies.

ha ha, they're still selling tix. Its not sold out "um yeah if you still need to get tix, there are a few still available at the box office". Which means it's probably only half filled.

 yo ufc imma let you do your thing but mayweather had the craziest weigh in of all time!

if by crazy you mean unorganized, painfully pathetic and wreaking of utter desperation then I agree.

holy fuck, did he just say "Floyd really looks like he wants to be here at the 21 month stage"? Did he fucking train for 21 months for this?

 Marquez:  142 


 Mayweather:  146


 I still don't care about this fight.