Dirk = bOWeNED!!!!!!!!!!!

Props to Bruce Bowen for stepping up. Nice to see Dirk yelling at J.E.T. while inbounding late in the game.

Other thoughts on the game and series:

Manu needs to settle down. He was a liability out there at the end.

I with Josh Howard was a Spur. Spurs almost drafted him, but decided to trade out of the 1st round to have enough cap room to make Kidd a max offer. He would be great in Silver and Black. And Rasho Nesteroslug would be good in Blue and White.

Duncan brought it today, a sight for sore eyes.

And Dampier is a much better post defender than Diop. Diop can block off the ball so he will usually be the better team defender and therefore suitable against most teams, but Dampier should be getting more time than Diop in this series.

All in all it's going to be a long, tough series.

Spurs in 7.

They're still winning this series in 7.

mavs in 5

Timmay! kicked sooo much ass!