Dirt Crawlspace ?'s

Yeah, thats gonna breath quite a bit better now.

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Another solution idea: get another pig and ostrich. You may never notice crawlspace smell again.

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I agree with this. I’m a commercial GC so residential stuff isn’t my strong point but IMO, there is only one way he should insulate the underside of this floor and that is with closed cell spray foam. only closed cell. The problem in doing this is access. Both being able to get someone in there with the equipment to be able to perform the work and access to all areas of the underside of the floor.
IF he can actually scrape out enough of the dirt to create more space to allow this to happen, great. If not, the best way is to just improve air flow (like I think he has updated he has done).
the other thing about spray foam is that it’s flammable. most people don’t know this. When we use it in commercial, we then have to coat it with an intumescent paint. He wouldn’t need to in the crawl space but the stuff makes me nervous. it’s unbeatable as far as insulation and vapor barrier properties but I just don’t like how flammable it is.


About the discussion on hot attics.

For a ridge vent to work, there has to be soffit vents.

old houses were not built with these. the framing of some houses/roofs/soffits will not allow for these to be installed easily, or at all.

You can add an exhaust fan that is controlled by a line voltage t-stat and add what looks like a regular light switch to override the t-stat and just turn it on or off whenever you want. It’s called a single pole, double throw. I did this in my barn/shop and just added a gable louver to exhaust the fan through.


Hessian, more info than you need.

See this link (its for my neck of the woods which has 4 seasons). I am assuming it’s someone similar to your climate.

1203.4 Under-Floor Ventilation

The space between the bottom of the floor joists and the earth under any building except spaces occupied by basements or cellars shall be provided with ventilation openings through foundation walls or exterior walls. Such openings shall be placed so as to provide cross ventilation of the under-floor space.

1203.4.1 Openings for Under-Floor Ventilation

The net area of ventilation openings shall be not less than 1 square foot for each 150 square feet (0.67 m2 for each 100 m2) of crawl-space area. Ventilation openings shall be covered for their height and width with any of the following materials, provided that the least dimension of the covering shall be not greater than 1/4 inch (6.4 mm):

  1. Perforated sheet metal plates not less than 0.070 inch (1.8 mm) thick.
  2. Expanded sheet metal plates not less than 0.047 inch (1.2 mm) thick.
  3. Cast-iron grilles or gratings.
  4. Extruded load-bearing vents.
  5. Hardware cloth of 0.035-inch (0.89 mm) wire or heavier.
  6. Corrosion-resistant wire mesh, with the least dimension not greater than 1/8 inch (3.2 mm).

There’s more info at the link…



My dad had one installed on his crawlspace door to help pull air through in the summer months. Their house is irregular shaped and doesn’t get much air flow. Seems to be working great.

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Lots of great replies.
The smell has subsided a lot. You can now feel a cool outwards breeze at all the vents.

They covered them for whatever reason being not knows.
I put a large vent into the guest house cellar as well, since same smell and same lack of air movement.

Was thinking if I added a fan it would have to be a blow out not in so it is not bringing in heat from the motor of moisture from outside. Not in a rush to install a fan though.

Was thinking about going with foam board installation in floor joists because of the space limitations.

My understanding is you are saying it is better to dig out more and spray foam them and the end run area on forms. Forget the name of the area. lol

I am in the extreme of what heat the house is hit with now.
So I am thinking of how to deal with extreme cold (rare to get below -3 c) for here now before leaving the space.

Also redoing the drainage around the house as I am doing the retaining walls.
This should help take the rain water in a rain forest further away than the 3 feet it is moved now.

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Good stuff.

Most crawl spaces are boarded to keep critters out IME.

From all that i read, it seems pros recommend the spray on stuff tha insulates and makes moisture barrier. Need room to work though…

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[quote=“Hessian, post:108, topic:3742382, full:true”]
Was thinking if I added a fan it would have to be a blow out not in so it is not bringing in heat from the motor of moisture from outside. Not in a rush to install a fan though. [/quote]

If you’re referring to my post about a fan with t-stat, it was for your attic only and definitely to exhaust heat because of no soffit and ridge vents.

Closed cell spray foam would be ideal. The problem is, from what I understand, that you simply don’t have enough room under there to be able to install it or install it properly.

The other thing that I forgot to comment on is people suggesting you add a vapor barrier under the floor. In climates with cold seasons, we have to install the vapor barrier on the warm side or we are at greater risk for mold. So in basement, the vapor barrier has to go before any insulation. That’s why batts don’t really work. Even if you get Kraft faced and put it with the paper side up, you won’t have a continuous vapor barrier which is problematic. Again, this is another reason why closed cell foam is great. The whole thing is a vapor barrier.

One more thing. Where I live we have radon problems in basements. Is that a thing where you are? I’m too old to give a shit but perhaps people with kids should care.


I don’t understand why i wasn’t able to properly quote your post in 2 sections.
I don’t know how to internet very well

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Thanks @jake11

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I am a big fan of dirt crawl spaces


Profile picture checks out.


So, do you have an update?

Smell is much better…at least for this weather?

Still no smell returning and every day it seems less.
Heat broke and it hasn’t changed things. Not sure if better in guest house cause grounds keeper has a air freshener blasting.

Obviously logic/common sense is second place to making a small job a big job for trades now days.

Windows quotes today again.

Great news.
Thats money saved to put towards windows…

I havent looked at windows in ages. Whats the hot new thing in window tech?

I stayed in a hotel recently that had triple pane with some uv film…couldnt feel the sun at all thru it.

If I want to do Government sponsored programs it has to be 3 pane and they open oddly. None are the standard slide window I learned today.

Would need to get the air circulation tests and in order to pass the programs requirements I might as well build a new house.

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Dont over spend on the bullshit that goes into window marketing. There are insignificant fractional differences in insulation Rvalue or Ufactor between what is good and what they tell you is like the best thing they have to offer… .

Ill try to give some more of my 2cents later


In for knowledge …