Dirty Bob KO's Gilbert Yvel VL


I really don't like that guy, so I'm very pleased he got beat.

dude, that was a SOLID shot he got up from the first time. holy christ, did dirty bob hammer Gil.

Dirty Bob wasn't as bad as people made him out to be...

Rocco they he they call him DIRTY Bob for a reason

Great stuff...DB was hammering in those low leg kicks

Dirty Bob has a background in Kyokushin Budo.

heres another rehosted great yvel fight i put some music to
Your Download-Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/9551732/yvel.wmv.html

Thanks Max...Cool to see a fighter reposting!!

Nice fight.

Bob and Gilbert deserve each other.


didn't they fight eachother a few times

ttt for the dirtiest fighters in the business!

ah, found it

they fought three times

first time, yvel anklelocked dirtybob

second time(this thread's fight) bob ko'd yvel

third time yvel tko'd dirtybob

guess yvel wins the rubber match

What the hell was Yvel doing fighting with his own corner at the end of the match? They were trying to check him out and he's almost throwing punches at them.

just watched it

man standing 8 counts in mma suck

yvel was NOT there after the initial knockdown