Disabled Veteran Benefits

I'm currently rated at 80%. Anyone rated at 100% that can tell me about Total Disability. Phone Post

Or just disability benefits in general Phone Post

Give me a little to get to a comp and I'll get it for ya. Phone Post

I haven't forgot. Been working a ton! I just found out my claim is almost done. Can you give some more specifics on what you are looking for exactly? Phone Post

Well I'm currently at 80% , but it will most likely will be changed to 100%. Just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about spouse benefits or anything else. I've read plenty, but wanted to talk to anyone that also knows about benefits. Is this your first claim? And did you deploy? Phone Post

Yes and yes. I got out in Jan of this year. I didn't know what questions you had and was going to give you a play by play of mine. It seems you are way more versed than I. I just go past the gathering evidence phase. Phone Post

Ok well here's a thing that I posted on a different thread, but maybe it helps.

Step 1. Go to the link and print out the form.


Step 2. Fill it out. Having your DD214 with you will help.

Step 3. Mail out the form to the nearest VA office.

Step 4. Wait. It might take 6 or more months for the VA to start working on your claim due to the large amount of vets filing claims. Also depends on what state you're in. The VA will periodically mail you a letter letting you know that they have not forgot about you and that they're still working on your claim.

Step 5. The VA will mail you a list of appointments to go to. The number of appointments just depends on how many injuries you are reporting.

Step 6. Go to the appointments.

Step 7. Wait for your VA rating results in the mail. Phone Post

I've been on 7 forever! Phone Post

I'm on the preparation for decision phase now! Phone Post

Machinegunman, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Phone Post

Kimbos Lice - I'm currently rated at 80%. Anyone rated at 100% that can tell me about Total Disability. Phone Post

I'm at 70% trying to get unemployability but I've been running into issues with my last employees releasing my records.... Phone Post

I have to add my family and my ptsd as well as submit an appeal. They make it so damn hard. Phone Post

I wasn't denied. I got rated at 40%. Which is bullshit because they have paperwork on the rest of stuff that needs to be put in account. So now I have to appeal it to have it go in. The great government trying to Fuck us. Phone Post

And Yes, www.ebenefits.va. gov. Is an awesome place. Phone Post

S/c? Phone Post

Not yet. In the process of seeing a phsyc. Phone Post

No. I haven't even got with them yet. Wife keeps pushing me to talk to someone. Phone Post

That's good knowledge man. Thanks. Phone Post