Disabled Wrestler = Martial Artist

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I am biting me tongue. Best of luck to Kyle. He should have done a little more research before choosing a place to train in my opinion.


You spilled it on that thread about this guy that I made!


He looks susceptible to an arm bar.

I see One Man Army's next opponent!!!

ttt good luck to him with his wrestling

Very cool! He could be strong as a bull and still fight in the smallest weight catagory...

Kyle maynard is the true definition of the word CHAMPION As a disabled wrestler myself, he has become a True source of inspiration to me.

When Maynard was on Larry King's show he was wearing a Team Quest shirt....and he was at one of the UFC's with Randy Couture....so he might be training at Team Quest

Untappable...I don't know if you are joking or not...but if you aren't you are a real jackass. He is not over-rated at all.

Maynard is a very good wrestler. You can't shoot under him. You have to try to spin behind him from a front headlock and that is a very difficult thing to do. He can grip with his arms so he can stop someone from spinning behind and he can finish takedowns on people if he gets his arms around their legs. He is a very difficult guy to wrestle against.

He is a true inspiration to me because wrestling is probably the hardest sport you can do...and he is doing it and winning with a disability like that.

tappable, are you for real? Maybe he should be at home collectiing govt. checks and asking people to take care of him and feel sorry for him. He's got spirit and strength that few people understand.

Saw him on Larry King he's an incredible athlete. He shows that anyone can over come any obstacle if you put your mind to it. At first when I saw him on the show I saw a disabled person but when I saw him on the mat he changed my mind and all I saw was an athlete.


He CAN'T hang on to people's ankles man, he has no hands! If someone cant get their ankle away from someone without hands, then they deserve to lose the fight. Plus ankles are about all he can reach, so of course that is going to be his starting point, and method for bringing people down.

So if that is the "special rule" you are talking about then yeah, I guess he should have special rules. YEESH.

Untappable's just mad 'cause Kyle'd kick his ass.

He needs to get his ass out of the mcdojo and into a real school. Someone send him to the HardCOre GYm in Athens.

"You would if your state title was on the line. It's not grocery shopping or a trip to the theatre. It's competition. If you can't hack it, regardless the reason, it's not your opposition's fault and he shouldn't have to change his game to suit your needs."

As unpopular as this will be I agree with untappable. Lowering or altering the standards to accommodate those who are unable to compete under the normal rules only cheapens the victory IMO.

There should be a disabled league or the rules should be the same for everyone

Well i go to events to grapple i am disabled and people
say it's not fair for disabled people to grapple in
regular events.Till they start a disabled grappling
league that's my only choice.I do not mind grappling by normal rules.Just treat me equal that's all i ask.


I agree with Rory and Adam.  I once saw those particular folks putting on an Aikido demo.  The "opponents" would run at the demonstrator and jump for the throw.  It was ludicrious.

  Maybe you guys should contact Kyle?  Here's his email mailto:kyle@kmaynard.com .

Happy Holidays all.