DiSanto: "Lutter is 185 lb. THREAT

Team Potato's very own Travis Lutter was written up by MMA journalist Michael DiSanto.

DiSanto wrote:

"After watching him KO Eastman, it’s hard not to consider him a threat for anyone in the world. At the moment, I think he probably is being overlooked."

Michael DiSanto is correct. Look for Lutter to win decisively at UFC 52.


Mike "Hot" Potato

I agree with you immensely!!! Lutter is one of the greatest ATHLETES in the history of TEXA$. This guy can do it all!!! I heard he taught Lance Armstrong how to ride a bike!!!

I admire the elite athletes of your state.


PS - Lutter has been training with us at Camp Potato, so he hasn't been in TEXA$ for a few weeks.

Pretty much anytime you have a worldclass level submission guy who also has a solid background stand up training you are going to have a real threat. ttt for Lutter


At 185, Team Potato has a real presence in the UFC.

TTT for Travis! Konjo Gear's man in action from the Lone Star State.


Do you support Team Potato, Mr. Konjo Gear? We have Team Potato fight gear coming out very soon.

We have one design that is nearly ready. I'm serious.

I can't wait to see his grappling.

Terrell is the only one at his level in the grappling department. However, Lutter will have the advantage of training at Camp Potato, so he will have the decided edge in cardio.

who's he fighting?

lutter would destroy riggs and his hype machine


I am not at liberty to reveal his opponent until the contract is signed.

Another answer I could give is: It's not going to matter. Lutter by Eastmanesque KO.

Can I put you down for a Team Potato t-shirt? Extra small, right?

lol, I wish.

LOL@XS... no offence striker, I'm sure you've called me a convict before ;p

"lutter would destroy riggs and his hype machine"

Usurper is correct as usual.

Travis Lutter is a very gifted fighter who I have the utmost respect for, BUT and that is a big BUT he will be fighting one of the best wrestlers in the MMA game in Trevor Prangley at UFC 52. It's gonna be a war but my war bet is going to have to fall with Prangley.

IMO. I'm a little bias though.

Josh "the punk" Thomson

Hey Josh, e-mail kirik@mma.tv and get a green name!!!

What part of IDAHO is Team Potato in??

As long as Lutter keeps training with his boxing coach, Tra Telligman, he should have another knockout victory.