Disappointed in myself

So I was excited about this summer and getting into a solid workout and diet schedual. Neither has come close to happening. Actually, because im taking a full load of summer classes ive found three things: first that I have more work now than during the year with twice as many classes, I dont have food or sleep in regular amounts if at all, I have the motivation and energy to survive and get school done and nothing else. Ive been to the gym 3 times in the last 6 weeks and today is really the first time I felt half-way like going.

Im in a cycle where im angry about not ever being in shape to grapple or be an athlete. Yet even when I lift and set new personal records in the weight room I have no joy at all and I actually feel farther from where I want to be. sadly enough, ive made amazing progress in the last year but I can seem to ever stick with anything, stay motivated, or find people to agree with what im trying to do or support me. What kills me is that weight lifting and being strong is one of the only things I like in life. Yet it seems so totally incompatible with my life, personality, and other activities.

Just pick a two half hour periods where short of asteroids smashing the earth, zombies roaming the streets or the End of Days occuring, YOU WILL LIFT! I lifted well into my exam period and rarely missed a workout because I schedueled it, got in, did my stuff and got out.

Cycle of life dude. When it happens to me, i try to change my attitude. If i dont have the time to lift, then i change my focus on what i do have time for, braincersising. Treat your education like a sport. Try to be better then everyone in your class.

Competition does not have to be just physical. At least it will keep you from thinking too much about how shitty it is not to acheive all your goals at once. ;)


I know you could make it out to lift if you wanted to. I think exercising during school time is super important, I'd be way too stressed out otherwise. Even if you can get in 3 session a week, that's fine.

I hear ya on this 'find people to agree with what im trying to do or support me'. That's my big problem right now, I have such a positive, health oriented approach to living and I have very little support from friends/family.