Disc golf- Is it fun?

Any OG ers play Disc Golf?  Is it fun?

There is a course in my area and considering giving it a try....


In theory to me, it sounds gayer then a bag of dicks.  But it seems those who play it really like it.  For me, I'll just stick to real golf. 

I enjoy throwing some disc from time to time. Expect to be pretty awful for awhile when you start playing. It's tough to learn how to properly throw the disc. Phone Post 3.0

It's awesome when the weather is nice. I want to start playing again, but it's so damn cold outside. I hate the winter. Phone Post 3.0

I got dem innova guys brah. We hold one of the biggest tourneys in the Midwest here in the fort. Its almost a pure hippie sport. Hella fun though.

Thought I would love it. Was kind of boring actually. Maybe was with the wrong person? Phone Post 3.0

Love me some frolf. Awesome courses here in Wisconsin. Phone Post 3.0

Played a TON over the course of a few summers. Give it a shot. My boy became really good @ it and qualified for/joined the PDGA.

I'd love to get back to playing if I could find the time. Phone Post 3.0

If you haven't done it and go alone it will get pretty frustrating but I have a really nice 18 hole course in my hometown so me and a bunch of my buddies play all the time in the summer and love it. I am by no means good but I think it's enjoyable, way better with a group. Great activity to burn some tree during participation though Phone Post 3.0

It's fun. Mostly an excuse to get wasted in public, though Phone Post 3.0

Never thought it'd be something I'm into but my friends kept asking me to go and now I play fairly regularly. Phone Post 3.0