Disco Demolition falls victim to SJWs

Read this article today.


The 40th Anniversary of Disco Demolition is coming up, and now apparently it wasn't an ill planned radio promotion protesting disco, it was a movement to crush black music that was also homophobic and anti-feminist.

The whole Disco Sucks movement started when Steve Dahl (legendary Chicago DJ) was fired from a station in Chicago when they switched to an all-disco format.

Steve was bitter about it, but also hated the whole disco scene. It wasn't because of race, homophobia, or misogyny, it was because it wasn't a scene inclusive to people like him. You had to dress a certain way, look a certain way, and be able to dance to fit in, as well as be a fan of the music. Steve was a fat guy that didn't dance, didn't like the fashion, and prefered rock music. And there were plenty of people that felt the same way.

That was the genesis, at least in Chicago, of the anti-disco movement that culminated in Disco Demoltion.

Seeing the revisionist SJW spin on it is as equally hilarious as is it pathetic.

I was only a little kid in the 70s, so my memory of that time in history is limited.

But I am reasonably certain that even then everyone knew that listening to disco made you a faggot.

But......disco did suck. How is that racist? Common sense people.

Disco became mad mainstream and Saturday Night Fever was its death knell. It went back underground evolved and emerged as 'dance music'.

Racist?  Bee Gees and KC anfd the Sunshine Band were the two biggest and overly white to boot.

Yep, complete and total revisionist nonsense. Can't even read that whole article it's such nonsense. Sorta like how here in L.A. they started referring to the '92 riots as the "Multicultural riots / uprising" a few years ago.


FWIW, I remember we all had to learn "The Hustle" in 5th grade for P.E..

No joke, it was a school wide project so we could all do the hustle together during some school pep rally thing.

--And we did, by god! Disco was everywhere.

I thought this thread might bring Disco Dracula back, so I'm subbing now. I don't care about no race shit. 



I miss Disco Dracula and I'm not ashamed to say it!

One of the funny things about the whole event was that a lot of the people just went because they got in the game for 97 cents (station was 97.9 on the dial) if they brought a disco record to blow up.

Articles like this (and there have been a couple) make it out to be a Klan rally

Fun fact: House music comes originally from Chicago underground black gay dance culture scene that emerged after the death of disco.  And Techno comes from Detroit 

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I'm totally into disco... I have no explanation 

What a crock of shit.


But reparations are definitely in order.