Discovery Channel

Has anyone noticed how bad every MA show on the Discovery channel is? They love Combat Ki and it is clearly the biggest con out there.

The Discovery channel should stick to shows about building motorcycles and stop misleading their viewers about MA.


Yeah... we kinda knew that already Kevin.

So far, these other channels (A&E, TLC, and History Television) have also produced documentaries on the martial arts. I've got beef with the martial arts documentaries produced by these companies as well, but at least they do somewhat more than a half-@$$ job than Discovery. But you got to admit though, the Combat Ki stuff is pretty funny to watch.

I'm not quite sure about the suggestion for Discovery to just stick to motorcycles (I mean, the quality of their program has degenerated over the years. It seems that is all they ever show -- just like TLC has seemingly degenerated into a "Trading Spaces 24/7" channel). No thanks! More variety please!