Discrete packaging my ass

I’m never buying dildos off the internet again.


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Oh sure, sure.

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When I was kid, I had a fake ID.

One day I used it to buy some porn (Asian), and I left it in the store. I walked over to the GNC next door. The woman at the store, ran out with my porn (thankfully in a brown wino bag), and handed it to me in the GNC store.

My embarrassment was far outweighed by my relief in not getting busted with a fake ID.


“Send it to my agent and I’ll autograph it for you.”

-Some OGer.

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Did you get a Bushkill Blade?

Obviously not. Alto would never use USPS.


Show us the dicks, bud

Why do lesbians shop at Scheels?

They don’t like Dick’s

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