Discrimination and Laws in US

In Sweden it´s illegal to discriminate anyone on the bases of their sexual preference. Like you can´t fire someone from work if they are gay etc. Also gay marriages are allowed in Sweden.

What are homosexuals legal status in US?

I´m gonna be gone for the weekend, but I would greatly appreciate any input from those that know.


It varies by jurisdiction. Some local jurisdictions (e.g., counties, cities, etc.) have passed local human rights laws that prohibit employment discrimination against homosexuals. Other jurisdictions do not have any such laws. There is no national federal law that prohibits discrimination against homosexuals.

With respect to marriage, it also varies by jurisdiction - except that marriage laws are at the state level and not the local level. There are only a few states that recognize gay marriages.

"There is no national federal law that prohibits discrimination against homosexuals. "

I see. It´s abit strange imo.

Thanks alot for your answer David. Didn´t know you knew this legal stuff aswell, you must have studied alot in your life-impressive!

California has state laws against sexual orientation discrimination. The question of gay marriages is up in the air right now. States are required to recognize marriages from other states. The problem is that certain states have defined "marriage" as only being between a man and a woman. The question is what if one state allows marriage between gays and the couple moves to a state that does not allow marriage between a same sex couple? It will eventually end up in the Supreme Court.

Thanks for the info, pm1964. I did not know that about California. I wonder if there are any others. I doubt that there are many. However, Washington DC does have laws protecting gays from employment discrimination.

I suspect that with the recent Supreme Court ruling, a lot of things are up in the air right now.

very interesting, thanks pm1964. If you hear anything else I would of course appreciate the update.

California is very progressive in this regard. San Francisco has an ordinance that any company which contracts with the city must offer domestic partner benefits to its employees on the same basis as offered to spouses.

Due to inconsistent Federal law, this causes no end of taxation headaches for employers.

Indeed it does Steve. There are other cities in California with the same type of thing, eg. Santa Cruz.

That sound starange to me, are there different laws for different cities in the same state?


there can be. It depends on the type of law. There are Federal laws, State laws, and local (city/county) laws. The local laws must be consistent with the state law.

oh my. this sounds complicated.

"oh my. this sounds complicated. "

That is the understatement of the year. It's also why there are enough lawyers to keep institutions like the LegalGround running.


I can also see how you can earn alot of money in that proffesion. :)

It's really a mess here in California, where our idiotic legislators feel the need to take every federal law there is and tweak it a bit to make a state version of it. There is a state agency that is supposed to review all new laws to make sure they are not inconsistent with any pre-existing state laws, or any preemptive federal laws, but they must be the most incompetent boobs in the history of mankind, as there are a number of laws that conflict with federal laws.