Discuss world happenings with your children?

Do you discuss the things that are happening in the world with your kids? If yes, how old are they. What do they say about it? 


Things like

mass shootings

local news murders,etc 

the racism shit that's going down now


My kid is 4 months. That being said I will downplay everything when he is old enough. I think it's better to teach him that everything is just a storm to be weathered than what do we panic about next?


Yes we all should have the talk with their kids about white supremacists and nazis.

I think I will when she's older, she's 4 now. I couldn't bear to at this age though, she's so innocent and knows nothing of malice and hate. I want to preserve that as long as I can. At a certain point you have to though, you do them no favours sending them out into the world naive.