Disgusting NBA forum lovefest

"Good series, Clippers!"

"Same to you, Suns! What ho!"

"Jolly good contest, Spurs, chin up, there's always next year!"

"I say, good show Mavs! Classy to the end!"


Dont worry, once this Suns/Mavs series begins there will be no back patting.

yeah, have fun fishing after the WCF.

I wonder how good the mavs would be this year without Nowitzki and Dampier?

The Suns werent even supposed to make the playoffs this year, and now we are in the WCF.

Dirk has not been able to dismantle the suns at any point this year, in fact phx won both of the most recent meetings.

And what have the suns done so far in the playoffs?

Need a game tying three to force OT and eventually a win? Check we got two of them. Win a Game 7? Got two of them also. Comeback from 3-1 down? Check.

You are a fucking idiot for saying the suns arent a real competitor. No other team in the league couldve done what we did if they lost their starting center and power forward. Your hubris will be your undoing, just like last year.

Typical dumbass untappable thinking the mavs can do no wrong and completely underestimating their opponent.

thirdleg, dont be overzeoulous in how you associate with our oppponents and we are cool. That is my only beef with you bro, cut that shit out.



And LMMFAO@ Untappable. You are such a dumb fuck. So much for the sweep, bitch.

oh yeah I know it, lets see.

Devon Harris has his CAREER high,

Dirk has like 25 points and 19 boards,

you guys shoot above 50%

we dont do well behind the arc,