Dishonesty in MMA

I dont post here often but i thought i'd throw a few things out there...

I'm quite disturbed by all the shit going on in BC right now. Many good people got screwed over this time. Years ago i ran the NewFullContact webpage and ran into the same thing with my partner. I really feel for JT and Joe 'cause i went through the same things. I was constantly told that a cheque would be sent to me and even when it wasnt i still supported the cause. I go to Abu Dhabi for a week and come back and my years of hard work had been taken away from me (long story). I had the same initial reaction to you guys, kick some ass. Fortunately i did not choose this response. You guys have lots of support here and will land on your feet soon enough. I got shafted in '98 and simply left the sport that i'd worked so hard on. I kinda regret it now but doing shipping/receiving from Canada was near impossible back then. Since that time you guys have more than taken up the slack and i thank you for it. Just dont give up like i did :)

Take care,
George Charlwood

p.s. Work hard to get your money now because if you dont, you'll never get it. Trust me!

wow Goergie speaks on the UG :)

LOL. I'm mostly just sitting back and watching the show. It's kinda like a car wreck, i just cant look away.

The good news with situations like this is you always find out who your true friends are. This may not seem like much now but true friends are always handy to have around.

BTW, I hope things are well for you Pete. We havent chatted much lately. Come visit me someday.



I thank you for your kind words. I cannot afford to give up on this game because of the tonne of support I recieve from everyone. I've been blessed with an excellent ride in this game, but every trip has it's bumps and potholes. I'll get over it, but above all, today is a new day for MMA. We begin 'a new course in the evolution of the sport in this country' ( thanks to Greg Allen for that comment...:)!!!!

The money, well, I won't give up on that either. Neither will J.T. What's right is right and neither of us joined up to be volunteers.

Closure would be nice as every attempt was made to keep this off the forum and to be handled like gentlemen...unfortunately, you have witnessed what has happened.

Thank you again and I'm sure you know, there are WAY MORE honest people in this game than dishonest. That's the path I will continue to follow and align myself with.


Joe Ferraro

Another thing that i learned over the years was forgiveness. It was hard to do (and took many years) but i no longer feel the need to shove my leg up someones ass :)

I've never recieved my money or an apology but i'd be civil with the guy i had issues with. I certainly wouldnt do business with him again but i thought he was a cool guy. Kinda weird how it can work out like that.

On the other hand, it also gave me some great workout motivation. I hope your situation at least does that for you too.


George, nice to see one of the originals here. I still have my combat list tee.

The same combat list tee that you were "allowed " to wear @ the

I still have the pic of the 2 of us all decked out in out tees and press passes like 2 kids in a candy store..

George all is great for me up here. Still doing alot of consulting and working full time in marketing and promotions for a rock format radio station in Sudbury. Enjoying my wife, kids , friends and MMA has become the norm for me...basicly living without stress :)

Im still trying at times to get some discussions going on the list but it seems they would rather discuss Paris Hilton's throat hole than MMA :)



Geoff-- I was actually wearing my Combat list tee when reading this. I hardly ever put it on anymore but the wife is out of town and i'm too lazy to do laundry. LOL.

Pete--Glad to hear that you are doing well. I'm relatively stress free too. I just keep getting every cold and flu that comes my way. That kinda hinders my training.

[back to my perch to watch the action]

George: here is some belated thanks for the New Full Contact page. It was my source of news and intro to the Combat List. I think that page had a huge influence on all the web sites that followed.

Thanks for your hard work. Sorry it turned out the way it did, but it was appreciated.

TNFC and the original combat list has roots that go waaay back guys. Guys like Jeff Osbourne, Joe Silva, and myself got linked into the game via this network.

George and guys needed permission from the wives to wear your tee' My wife is wearing mine right now as we share a hangover from our K1 party last night...I love my life :)

you guys rock,


You guys are too nice. I thought most people would have forgotten about it by now. Dont forget Terry Morley too. He spent many years by me doing the grind (mma news guys know what i mean).

I'll be starting a new webpage soon. It'll be a little different but hopefully it'll fit in well with the more established pages. I'll let you know when it's ready.

Take care,