Dislocated My Elbow

About two weeks ago i shot in for a double leg takedown.. same one iv'e done 100's of times before. Anyway somehow when i landed i dislocated my elbow..very nasty
The e.r. put in back in place now im in a sling for a couple more weeks.
Has anyone else had this injury or know anything about recovery time, rehab exercises? ive seen my ortho doc..but wanted some feedback from others in the sport.. thanks


I did the same thing but on a moutain bike. I fell while going downhill. When I stood up my elbow was completely dislocated. I too went to the ER where they put it back in place. That thing swelled up like a balloon and was blue and black for several weeks. My ortho said I would heal up 100% when I saw him 3 days after the injury. He really didn't say much else; no exercises or anything. But, I decided to use gentle stretching on my own because I wan't my full range of motion back. I would pay close attention to how my arm felt. From the very next day after the injury, I would try to slowly move the joint. At first it was very limited, but slowly it moved more and more. The key is to listen to your body. Soreness while moving is OK. Sharp pain is not. Just do it for a few minutes once or twice a day. Don't over do it and be patient. I felt the worse thing I could do was let my arm just sit in a sling for 4-6 weeks. That was a year ago and my elbow seems fine. When I lift weights it feels different than the other elbow (hard to describe but not painful), so I avoid heavy tricep presses and really heavy pressing movements just to be safe. But, when grappling it seems fine. Remember, let it heal, be patient, and gently stretch it.