Disney don’t give a damn anymore Luca gay AF

This Luca movie gay as fuck

Yea. Thanks Obama

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:rofl: fucking Obama


Is Luca gay in the movie? Or is it symbolically gay?

I thought it was a really good movie.

Not sure where the gay shit is coming from, it’s not like Luca fucks Alberto up the ass at some point.


I hate gay being shoved down my throat like a gay cock as much as the next non-gay, but unless you’re looking too hard for gay cocks this movie ain’t really gay.

Boy becomes best friend with another boy. “OH MY GOD, THERE GOES DISNEY AGAIN!”



People trying too hard to look for the gay in this movie which says a lot more about them.

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WTF is wrong with you, OP??

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To be fair to OP… Considering the direction Disney has gone in recent years and that they’ve openly stated that they wouldn’t be making anymore stories where the male is the central character, anytime they do seems immediately suspect.

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“A boy with a deep secret”

Man y’all stupid as fuck if you can’t see the propaganda

This shit looks like that movie that came out with that cannibal hammer or whatever his name is

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Aside from a strong female leading character (not the titular character btw), there wasn’t much of an agenda being shoved down anyone’s throat. You can argue that it’s about accepting people that are different than you, but that was really it. Santa mozzarella! you need to chill out and go back to posting belladonna pics.

I’ve never seen it nor would I watch it , but if it’s a movie about accepting different ppl and the character is a a fag, well yeah that’s propaganda,

Lol the main character is not a fag. He may be a faggot, but that doesn’t make him gay.


thanks for the spoiler, asshole!


You must be a 12er

Watched it with the kids this evening, I saw nothing wrong with it. Everyone enjoyed it.


Much before that, but is all good.

Kids watching it now. It’s “gay” in that it’s kinda boring lol. I don’t care who dudes have sex with, but being a faggot is far worse than putting a dick in a man’s butt. If I call someone a faggot, my gay homies better be ready to help me beat their ass.

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Haven’t seen it. Does he still live on the second floor?


Watched it for thirty minutes and turned it off. It went nowhere, slowly. Nothing beats Wall-E.