Disney - Dual Diversity Councils

Every March, The Walt Disney Company holds its Annual Shareholder meeting -- a one-hour event where shareholders submit their votes on different proposals and Disney's CEO shares the company's plans for the upcoming year and the company's future goals.

During Disney's 2021 shareholder meeting, Disney CEO Bob Chapek focused on Disney's commitment to increasing representation and inclusion throughout The House of Mouse. Chapek announced that Disney is creating two councils -- one focused on Diversity/Inclusion company-wide and one focused on creating Diverse/Inclusive content -- to achieve this goal.

Chapek shared his plan to kickstart a wave of change across the company, addressing both racism and social injustice. The Diversity and Inclusivity council will be chaired by Chapek, and the council focused on improving Disney's inclusivity in its content will be led by Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger. At the time of this writing, the board led by Iger does not have a title.

Chapek cited this past year's focus on the Black Lives Matter movement as a prime influence for these councils, noting, "Finally, in this year, one of the evils of racism and social injustice has been at the forefront of our nation's consciousness. We have taken meaningful steps towards greater representation and inclusion."

"Last June, I outlined a multi-faceted plan to bring about needed changes across our company," Chapek added. "As part of this important work, we've launched a number of new initiatives, including two new councils: one chaired by me, and the other by Bob Iger. The goal of all of our endeavors is to ensure that our workforce and our creative content reflect the rich diversity of our audiences, storytellers and the world that we live in. As Bob said earlier, 'While we have made progress, there is still much more to be done.'"

Other diversity and inclusivity plans were outlined on page eight of the 88 page-long Shareholder's Proxy Materials, which included -- among other plans -- a commitment to release a breakdown of Disney's employees by race, ethnicity and position in the company. The document also vowed to create a Black Talent Network to propel the careers and exposure of executive-level Black talent. The Walt Disney Company also noted its ongoing commitment to improving its relationship and support of Historically Black Colleges.