Disney film schedule through 2021



Fuck the remakes and sequels 

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Probably 20 billion dollars in that list. Damn.

BigWilliam - Probably 20 billion dollars in that list. Damn.

Gotta be more, probably double that.

You've got to assume that Pixar movies will do at least $750 million, and there's 7 on there - BUT Toy Story 4 will hit a billion. That's 5.5 billion.

Marvel movies will do 750 for the smaller ones (Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ant Man 2, 3 unknown), Guardians does a billion, and both Avengers movies hit 1.5 billion. I'm torn on Thor, because I want to think it'll do Guardians money, but it's historically underperformed, so let's count it at the 750 range. 9.25 billion.

Both Last Jedi and Episode IX will hit 2 billion. The Han Solo movie will do a billion. That's another 5.

Pirates 4 was a turd, and it did a billion, so I feel safe that 5 will do that much too.

We're at 20.75 billion now.

Indy 5 is a question mark, but I'm expecting it to do well. Odd number Indy movies are good. Even numbered Indy movies are not. But again, Crystal Skull was shit, and it did just under 800 million.

Oh, and there's Frozen 2. There's no way it doesn't do 1.5 billion.

And then there's 15 assorted other movies. If they do 500 million on average (which seems ridiculous, but we're dealing with Disney movies here - they'll get there on average), then we're at 30 billion.

I honestly cannot wrap my head around that kind of money. 

Indiana Jones?

paw - 

I honestly cannot wrap my head around that kind of money. 

These movies alone would put Disney somewhere around 100-110 on the GDP rankings for countries. Picture that. Those movies represent more many than something like 100 countries can produce as a GDP.

May 2019 will be insane with the "last" Avengers and Star Wars films.