Disney Wrestling movie Friday

Just flipping through channels this morning and caught a commericial on the Disney Channel for a new tv wrestling movie "Going to the Mat".

searching and found this description: Disney Channel Original Movie for March is Going to the Mat. Jayce is the new kid at school and blind. Looking for a way to fit in, he decides to try-out for the wrestling team. Premiers Friday, March 19 at 8pm/7c


my son brought this to my attention he wants to watch it.to bad the 2 of us are going to jersey on friday for the naga i am sure we will see it though.

I saw the previews for that...good exposure for wrestling to the younger audience.


I will def. be watching with my nephews.



The kid was like DareDevil...

lol, "Daredevil, watch out for that cliff"

"I knew that!"