Disrespectful nigs

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the OKUG has recently turned 1 year old! It was that fateful day in mid-November of 2009, that the rebellious, contributing posters of OKFN stood up to their rotund and Mexican oppressors and said "Enough! We will not have you censor our first amendment rights! You will NOT delete posts about Garza getting arrested for spousal assault! You will NOT ban us for making fun of Chris Clugston's pacemaker! We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore!"

And so, these brave souls, known to the rest of you as "The Godfathers" set forth on their pilgrimage to find a new internet MMA forum where you can come and make fun of the shortcomings of others.....and sometimes talk about fighting. Their journey led them to a mystical place known as the Underground, where the Godfathers eventually founded the infamous OKUG - WHERE $#*! GETS REAL!

As an OKUG Godfather, I must say I am disappointed that this slipped by everyone. As a Godfather, it saddens me that the sacrifices of myself and the fellow Godfathers goes unnoticed. Without us, you would be stuck on that bush league OKFN looking at pictures of meth skanks while some fat bastard with male pattern baldness says you can't make fun of people. (You're still ok with me, Zilla)

But do we hear a "thank you"? No! Cretins! If it weren't for us, there would be no OKUG. Where else are you going to plan mass infiltrations of rival dojos? Where else can you make a thread with the phrase "stupid nigger monkey" in the title? We don't know what 'slander' and libel' mean and we don't give a fuck! WE are the OKUG and shit gets real here!

I compel all of you, in remembrance of your OKUG forefathers, to accost a random man in the street, yell out "OKUG!" and punch him square in the dick! Videotape it if you can.

And if he asks why you crushed his manhood, you tell him "Shit just got real."

This is like our 4th of July, but we don't fuck with gay ass sparklers, we cockpunch people!


Concerning my comment about you ungrateful fucks being stuck at OKFN, I forgot we fucking killed them. Zilla says they did better without us, but which site is shut down, fuckface!


 I knew it was somewhere around this time of year, but I wasn't sure of the actual date.

Also, I'm charging my video camera now.

I just believe this new generation of OKUGers needs to learn their history and respect their elders.

Great post. If we don't start receiving some thanks we will have no choice but to turn the Internet off. Phone Post

Thank you for your affirmation, Godfather Lyles. I don't think our newer posters realize that we fight for their internet freedom. Just recently, the OKUG had declared war on a mod, and against all odds, the OKUG was victorious. I shed a tear for the contributions of my comrades.

We protect you from dickwad mods, BJJ frauds, MMA impostors, shitty promoters, deaf retards, midgets, people that look like fat Urkel, and the list is too long to finish.

Appreciatcha, to the OKUG Godfathers. I've just been recently turned onto the OKUG and am thankful I've found such a site! The hours of entertainment you all have provided is worth its weight in gold!!!

ps. I heard RedCloud is in Claremore teaching BJJ/Wrestling at the junior high.

LMFAO at dropping that little nugget at the end there. Phone Post

I'll ask my brother about that; he is a freshman at CHS.

When I say "teaching," I don't mean "employed" by Claremore Public Schools. I just heard the JH is where he's holding his practices. I'm good friends with Coach Steidley over there, so im also trying to find out if it's true!

Pill - anything to get that epic thread going again!!! I just requested to be AssCloud's friend on The Facebook. Phone Post

If true, makes me wonder what happened to him teaching at the Dawg Pound. Maybe we got him fired? Phone Post

If he is at Claremore Jr high, do we storm him?

I think I will hold another blue name contest to commemorate the occasion. Phone Post

Was shibby's fight pro or ammy? Greens are for pros only. Phone Post

Fight was ammy....next one is ammy to

The okug....greatest place on the interwebz. Good thread

I went through my old sent emails and I have some from November 24th, but from the content of the emails, it sounds like that was a few days in. I think Lyles brought up the idea in the middle of November, but the first official day of the OKFN boycott was December 1.

 I just want to let all the new guys know, I was the winner of the original blue name contest AND walked away with a stack of porn from that giveaway. They should look up to me and my accomplishments.

I would consider December 1st to be the anniversary then because that was the official date of the exodus. Before that we were still posting on OKFN to keep up appearances and say our fairwells.

12/1/09 was the "official" birth of the OKUG, though we had done a little posting before then I think. I'll go find and TTT the first thread. But 12/1/09 was the first day of the okfn boycott and we haven't looked back. Phone Post  

 Just bumped the original thread.

I say to commemorate our one year anniversary those of us with access to the archives take some time to TTT some of the epic threads from the last year so the noobs can enjoy them too.

Pill - Redcloud IS teaching in Claremore. He wouldn't tell me where, though. Said he knows I'm friends with people that don't like him.

I'll find out, though.