Disrespectful Players: What To Do?

Have any of you ever been disrespected at a poker table, either live or on the Internet? And I mean name-calling and so forth that goes beyond just being silly. What did you do?

I have had both. The one time in person I really struggled to restrain my fists from acting on their own.

On the Internet it cracks me up how tough some people can act behind their keyboards - but it still gets me irritated.

I've never had that happen in person, but did a few times online. I usually just ignore the bastards. One time I let it affect me and I slammed him back with much wittier slams than what he said to me, BUT I let him put me on tilt & I didn't realize it until it was too late - when this AHOLE started messing w/ me I had tripled my buyin, but then I kept playing worse and worse and lost it all - every last cent.

In person - never had that happen.

On-line - had it happen plenty of times. Depending on my mood, I'll either ignore them...or attempt to rile them up even more and press their buttons.

I've had this happen both online and irl. Online is easy to blow off but a couple times I've had to check my emotions otherwise I could play emotionally.

Its almost always a gift when someone talks smack because these people generally have a small ego and just alil verbal jab back will set them off to play really loose heads up against you any chance they get and pay you off big time.

So for me its annoying in 1 sense but in another I welcome it knowing I'm going to get paid off because of it without fail.

Happens all the time online. I got assaulted earlier today on a .10/.20 table...I had pocket aces, checked before flop, and on flop, raised to $2...he raised to $3.40, I went all in. Flop was 8 9 4....Turn was J, river was A.

He was pissed and called me an idiot, which may be true, but it's a freakin' penny game...

I don't really get bothered by on-line "heckling". It initially bothered me but then I realized that it really shouldn't.

What are they going to do? Track down my ISP, show up at my door and punch me in the nose? Besides, it's my money in front of me so if I do something "stupid", it's my right.

And like I said - depending on my mood, I'll start trying to push their buttons.

Oh man, I have so many stories when it comes to this when playing in live games.  Fortunately, none of them involve me since I usually keep a quiet demeanor at the table and mind my own business.  But I swear, about a month ago, there was a period where every live session I played there was at least one incident where there was a huge argument that could have led to blows. 

 At a 6-12 table, a middle-eastern woman who wasnt familiar with the betting pattern of limit poker was playing.  Her boyfriend was sitting behind her, tutoring her on how much to bet on the flop, turn, etc.  An older hispanic man took offense to this because it looked like he was instructing her how to play and he said something to her.  Well, the woman FLIPPED OUT!  She starting screaming at the man, concluding with " You old FREAK!  Go back to your country!"  Holy shit, that set the storm off.  The old man started wigging out too.  And a couple of floormen had to come over to diffuse the situation.

 Another incident came really close to getting ugly since both guys were sitting right next to each other.  There was this medium built Asian guy, maybe late 20's seemed pretty cool and laid back.  I was chatting it up with him a bit at the table.  Next to him was a big latin guy.  Built like an ox, a football player type.  Anyway, in this one particular hand it was the latin guy's turn to act, but he wasnt doing anything.  The asian guy had just lost a big hand the hand before and looked to be a bit pissed.  The dealer informed the big dude it was his turn to act.  The big guy was like "oh I didnt know.  His hand(the asian guy's)is in the was so I don't know if he's still holding cards or not."  With that seemingly innocent comment, the asian guy becomes infuriated.  He gets up from his seat and screams "what are you talking about??"  The big guy just looked up at him and was like "what you wanna get crazy??"  But the asian guy didnt back off at all.  He was like "I'll go outside with you."  I was just shocked at how quickly this escalated.  It often happens like that and nothing really surprises me much anymore during live games. 

"What did you do?"

just bring a shotgun and blast the first few guys who give you trouble. word will get around that you are not to be messed with...

Headcheese is correct. Building an appropriate table image is vital to poker.

It happened to me once years ago at the Trop in AC.  Some obnoxious Yankee in his late 30s/early 40s who was not doing particularly well accused me of making a string bet and got really vocal and pissed about it. (we were playing 2-4 hold'em for crying out loud). 

I calmly said, "One, that was not a string bet, and two, thank God we're not playing 3-6, or I'd bet you really be upset."

A few people at the table chuckled, which pissed him off even more.  He then stands up (stands up!) and shouts across the table at me, "AT LEAST I KNOW HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME!"

The dealer rolls her eyes and says, "Sir, he did not make a string bet."

The guy played a few more hand and left the table.



I played a s&g a few months back and one of the players was insulting everyone at the table. I didn't really care until he started making racial remarks. I phoned up customer service and they had a look at the table while I was on the phone, the guy was still doing it so they blocked his chat function for good.

After that I kept asking him why he was so quiet and he went on serious tilt. He busted out not long after.

you just sat there while i guy pee'd on you?

Please tell me you did something after the hand was over.

Hmmm...I remember playing a 1-5 Stud table at Atlantic City and the guys in the table next to me were yelling at this old guy because he had just, evidently, crapped his own pants rather than leave the table to go to the bathroom.

I've been urinated on at a poker table in the middle of a hand.

That's awesome - usually, service like that costs $200 from an escort.

Was the person who urinated on you yourself?

TTT im one that harasses and gest people on tilt but i have been put on tilt as well a few times it works both ways but alot of times people will just try to bluff because they want to beat you so bad or move in on you when you limp with a made hand.


"I phoned up customer service and they had a look at the table while I was on the phone, the guy was still doing it so they blocked his chat function for good.

After that I kept asking him why he was so quiet and he went on serious tilt. He busted out not long after. "


On the internet...I usually tell them that if they were infront of me & not hiding behind a keyboard, they would not say whatever they are saying to me. Usually quiets the idiot. Lets face it...everyone is a tough guy behind a keyboard. It's usually a punk teenager or guy in his early 20's that acts like that. But you see that kind of behavior at casinos also now.

Since everyone is a "poker player" these days & everyone watches poker on tv...you get all kinds of uneducated/disrespectful people playing. Also you have people acting like idiots & talking trash after they see people ie Matusow & others so they think it's ok to do that. Just how it is.