Dissection by Dallas: Rampage x Rashad


A wise man once told me something that I’ll take to my grave:  “Patience is a virtue, it possesses... something  …”  Well, I don’t remember it exactly because I got distracted after this guy took forever to get to the point, but it was an eloquent quote about patience being a really good thing.

After documented libraries of scathing trash talk that raised the bar on creative belittlement were exchanged, chest-to-chest with their noses less than an inch apart, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans get to walk their talk on Saturday night in the main attraction of UFC 114.  Even though both men have matured into highly polished, well rounded, and technical fighters--I can’t envision this fight unfolding as anything other than a barbaric dogfight between two pit bulls that have been barking at each other through a chain link fence since birth, who finally get to stop barking and bite.

There’s no hidden factor that can be divulged to make this anything but a very even fight.  Rampage has the experience, but lately that’s proven to be just as much of a warning sign as a benefit; especially against a thriving youngster who’s on his way up.  Rashad is fleeter afoot and more offensively geared and explosive with his wrestling.  Rampage’s takedown defense is amongst the best in MMA, and he’ll prefer to handle business on the feet and unsheathe the cinder block left hook.  Rashad is more active and mobile when striking, and will employ exaggerated head movement and notch the higher volume of clean strikes while being harder to hit.  Both have power, but Rampage has shown the stronger beard.



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