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Dissection by Dallas: Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera

Posted by Dallas Winston | Dissection by Dallas, UFC | Friday 13 November 2009 3:17 pm

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What kind of sane and rational person would pick a smaller and mostly one-dimensional wrestler with a nearly rolled odometer to defeat a younger and more diversified athlete with a tiptop Muay Thai arsenal and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

That question may trigger a line of thinking about how absolutely critical the  finite details of MMA really are.  Brandon Vera will have at least a one inch advantage in the height and reach categories, he’s much quicker and more explosive, he’s a better striker, he’s got more weapons on the ground, and he’s shown a solid clinch game–yet I can’t see how he’s going to beat Randy Couture.


 So I've been continuing this tradition that I know you are all excited about of posting my dissection articles on the UG before a big event.

As usual, I would be thrilled with any comments on the writing, content, analysis/prediction, or even if you'd take the time to let me know if you agree/disagree with anything and who you're picking for the fights.

I will follow shortly after with Hardy/Swick and shit like that.

Or, in more direct UG terminology:  I want you to click on the link and tell me if I suck or not.

OK, then.  Take care.


IrishRottie - Couture by decision... I agree. I thught Vera would knock out Randy but he has shown in his last few fights he fades after a few minutes and if you do that against Couture you are fucked. Vera will win the first round then Randy will come back and dominate the last two. 29-28.

 The only top level guy Vera has TKO'd is Mir, and that was the worst Mir we've ever seen.

I think the problem with Vera is that his advantage at HW was that he was so much quicker and more agile than everyone else, and now at LHW, it's more of an even playing field, and he's relying too much on being a tactician instead of letting his shit fly and looking for the KO.

It is possible that we see the opposite scenario you mentioned, meaning we could see Randy come out and impose his will early, and then Vera may get a hang of Randy's approach and use of distance and start teeing off on him.

Anyways man, thanks for reading.  I appreciate it.

 hard to count Randy out of any fight.  But age has to effect him eventually.

Dissection by Dallas: Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang

Posted by Dallas Winston | Dissection by Dallas, UFC | Saturday 14 November 2009 11:50 am

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Honestly, I don’t think either fighter has shown their true potential yet, and this is the biggest fight in both of their respective careers.

I believe that each fighter has one unique trait that will weigh heavily on how they perform against each other:  for Bisping, his takedown defense is startlingly effective, as exhibited against some of the most powerful and adept wrestlers (Rashad Evans, Matt Hamill) in a weight class twenty pounds north of middleweight; Denis Kang has a ridiculously long reach for 170 pounds, which in addition to his underrated stand-up will present problems for Bisping’s technical gameplan on the feet.


Poor Randy.  This isn't going to be pretty.

Mad Xyientist - Poor Randy.  This isn't going to be pretty.

 It's weird that we're looking at this fight so differently when we usually share a very similar opinion.

Despite being a tad hurt by this, I'll throw down a coupon for some pizza rolls as a wager and a sign of my supreme confidence.  You game?

 Yes.  I wager one bag of totino's and a stale coors light on Vera.


Dissection by Dallas: Mike Swick vs. Dan Hardy

Posted by Dallas Winston | Dissection by Dallas, UFC | Saturday 14 November 2009 1:12 pm

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This is one of the more difficult match-ups on the card to analyze.  Ideally, I would like to see Swick and Hardy engage in a jousting match on the feet while swinging for the fences with unbridled animosity until someone loses consciousness, as these are indeed two of the more colorful and electrifying pugilists in the UFC welterweight picture.

Western boxing is the bread and butter of both fighters, with the gist of their strikes consisting of two, three, and four punch combinations unleashed with the intent of doing major cranial damage.  Both men have the rare ability to unfurl multiple streams of punches in a very rapid and fluid manner, but it’s the hefty power at the end of each blow in addition to their blistering hand speed that differentiates their proven stand-up games from others.  Each also have adequate kicking ability, but Swick limits his leg work to mostly low kicks from outside, and Hardy has really ramped back on the wide range of mid and high kicks we’ve seen him throw in pre-UFC encounters.

Swick has definitely frequented more talent-infested waters...





Mad Xyientist -  Yes.  I wager one bag of totino's and a stale coors light on Vera.

 More details on the Totino's please.