District 9 was awesome!

My brief and spoiler-free review--

This movie delivered on the excellence we've come to expect from Peter Jackson. The acting, characterizations, and storyline were all superb.

It also managed to be pretty fast-paced, suspenseful, and action-filled without being Michael Bay-esque concert of "FOOSH! BABOOM! KAPOOSH!" silliness (I say this as someone who thought both of the Transformers movies were reasonably fun, just not particularly engrossing).

All of this being said, I hope they NEVER make a sequel as any sequel will just have the problem that the Matrix sequels had of ruining the mystique of the original movie.

I love these types of movies, but I thought it was crap.
I always smooth over holes, maybe one or two, turning a blind eye.

For some reason I thought this was terrible.

All my friends who usually hate sci fi type movies thought it was great.

Did I miss something? is this just me?

I like the movie, but I did wonder how they ended up here and couldn't just go home.

I thought it was cool when Wikus started using the alien weapons.