DISTURBING: Stray Dogs EATING Dead Covid Victims

Stray dogs are EATING human bodies washed up on Indian river banks: Corpses are dumped into the water amid Covid crisis

  • Body parts, some half burnt, washed up in town of Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand
  • Local residents said they saw dogs ‘gnawing and feeding on’ the corpses
  • Although India’s cases have declined since early May peak, deaths remain high
  • People have resorted to dumping bodies with crematoriums overwhelmed


Grisly footage has emerged of stray dogs eating human remains washed up on the banks of an Indian river as crematoriums continue to buckle under the strain of the Covid crisis.

Body parts, some of them half burnt, drifted onto banks of the river Bhagirathi in the town of Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand.

One local resident said he was doing some painting by the river on Monday when he noticed the dogs ‘gnawing and feeding on’ the dead.

‘I feel it’s the death of humanity,’ the man told NDTV as he appealed to the local government to address the pile up of corpses.

Locals are worried that they may be Covid victims and that the disease could spread through the water or via the dogs which have been eating the bodies.

Although India’s infection rate has declined since it peaked in early May, with daily cases at more than 127,000 on Monday the daily death toll, averaging 3,500 over the last week, is believed to be a drastic underestimate.


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Looks like things have come full circle.

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BREAKING NEWS: Covid eating dogs turn into zombies.

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Uhhhh…this was happening in India long before COVID even existed. They’ve always dumped dead bodies in the river and dogs have always eaten the ones that washed up. It’s nothing new and has nothing to do with COVID.


Yes but it’s during COVID so that means its COVID RELATED.

Amazing LMFAO!! VU

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We should send them 32billion dollars


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MPA style…

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Lot of gains to be had eating dead bodies. His legs are probably extra jacked now.

Well hold on, were the dogs getting cooked meals before Covid?

Actually, yes.

" Varanasi is also the religious capital of India and Hinduism. “Millions of Hindus want to die or at least have their ashes spread in the Ganges here,” said Nandan. “In doing so, they believe they can break the perpetual cycle of samsara , of birth and rebirth, and thus achieve moksha , eternal liberation.”

That’s why dead bodies are burning 24 hours a day there, seven days a week. “This same fire has been going for 3,000 years,” said a worker at Manikarnika Ghat, the most famous riverside cremation site in Varanasi. “We average anywhere from 30 to 100 bodies per day. Each takes about three hours.” The corpses are covered in ghee (clarified butter), laid atop wooden planks, layered with ornate cloth, briefly dipped in the Ganges and then carried to the open-air pit and lit aflame.

Death is big business here. There are hotels, such as Kashi Labh Mukti Bhavan, that accept only occupants expected to die within 15 days. And according to Uttar Pradesh’s official data, tourism is on the rise, with thousands coming every month to watch this theater of death along the Ganges. And while workers at Manikarnika Ghat will tell you that families can pay “based on means,” there is immense pressure to buy the right kind of wood for these cremations (sandalwood, for example, offers a better burn and therefore, it is believed, means a better shot at moksha). In the end, a body can cost a family 7,000 Indian rupees ($109) to burn—over 15 percent of the average Indian’s yearly wage.

It’s why many families deposit their recently deceased directly into the Ganges or into a channel that will lead to it. Liberating the soul of a loved one is worth running the risk that the body ends up being picked apart by carrion birds and wild dogs. The problem, really, is when the scavenging animals don’t come, and the bodies are left to rot in the river."

No wonder the dogs are eating them.

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Anthony Wiener just found his new gig!