Oh my cracky, they have a problem page even......... sheesh


Gay Problem Page:

thats gay

I heard that this is actually a joke web site, but I'm not totally sure about it.

Save yourself.Go to MMAReview.com immediately and check out the Featured Ring Girl (new Ring Girls are added weekly).I recommend frequent visits to the MMAReview.com website. In addition to the "Featured Ring Girl" you can find Fight Reviews for all past PRIDE and UFC events, Fighter Profiles and Event Reviews (reviews for past events are being added weekly).Enjoy and remember:Stay Away from the Gay! (Dr. Suess pays off again)

Ban is right! please keep the rest of your net surfing to yourself



 It is actually pretty popular here.

of all threads to bring back.. lol


Really sad to see MMAReview.com didn't make it...

only six replies the first time it was posted. Jesus. I forgot what this place used to be like.