Div. I, II, and III nationals

How is a difference is there in wrestling ability between Div. I, II, and III national qualifiers? What about between Div. I, II, and III national champions?

A big difference on average. Not to say the lower levels don't have the talent, but the competition the D1 guys get puts them above. There are exceptions. Back when DII champs entered the D1 championships, Carlton Haselright won three titles in each division. However, Dan Russell, who won 4 consecutive DII titles and was named MOW at least twice, never placed higher than 4th in DI (not that that's bad!). During the same, Broderick Lee, James Sisson and Tony Champion were all 3x DII champs and never AA'd in the DI tournament.

Chip, any insights?

Chip, any insights?

d 2 and 3 have some tough individuals

D1 has so much more depth.

D1 national champs would probably beat d2 or 3 champs about 9 out of 10 times.

I would agree there have been some tough DIII guys but none that i have seen would challenge for a DI title. Some that could have placed might be Matt Hammill from RIT, Jesus Wilson form Upper Iowa, and I really think that Ryan Ackerman would have given DI guys fits with his style.

I saw a couple of D2 guys from N.DakotaSt, one was deaf, defeat the great Damion Hahn in one tournament.