divine proportion

How many view the "Divine Proportion" as evidence of design and a creator in the universe? For those who don't know what it means, do a word search on PHI. It's considered one of the greatest "discoveries" in mathmatics.

The Fibonacci Sequence is great too.

They are related.

I believe they are the same thing. Pretty hard to argue random chance eh?

No, Pi and Fibonacci sequence are not the same thing.

Fibonacci tried to calculate Pi at his time.

Also, there are formulas to calculate Pi using Fibonacci sequence, like this one:

Pi/4 = arctan(1) and ...

arctan(1) = arctan(1/2) + arctan(1/3)

arctan(1/3) = arctan(1/5) + arctan(1/8)

arctan(1/8) = arctan(1/13) + arctan(1/21)

arctan(1/21) = arctan(1/34) + arctan(1/55)

You can clearly see the Fibonacci sequence at the denominators.

Yet there is another Pi Sequence, which is not related to the square circle, 3,1415...

The Pi Sequence builds a finite tree (while Fibonacci sequence builds an infinite tree), between two given integer prime numbers, deeply related to time, and therefore to music. Fibonacci sequence is related to shape.

You will find interesting explanations here:



Pi or PHI?

Sorry, I donĀ“t know the words in English to distinguish them.

Pi = 3.1425...

Phi = Golden Ratio

Phi = Golden Ratio = 1,618... ?

Right, I think that's the divine proportion...the ancient intellects used this to support creation.