Divorce Just keeps Getting Worse

You’re right, no one should share their experiences with the exact unless it exactly fits your narrative, that makes for fantastic discussions, you fucking retard.


I was going to respond, but I think you covered it all nicely. lol.




Hey mate - I hear you

everybody - save some time. Don’t get married. Just find somebody you hate and give her a house


There’s a reason divorce is expensive……because it’s worth it.




Okay OG brethren listen up. It’s worth every penny you have, and every penny that you don’t have to fight in a divorce until you can’t fight anymore, then fight some more. Never ever give up, and never settle for anything less than 50/50 custody. It is your right as a father, and the days of a guy falling on his sword are over as long as you don’t give up. You are in the number 1 fight of your life and you must fight like it means everything.

Going through a divorce is as bad as you think it is. It’s terrible but you don’t have to give a woman everything you have just to make it go away.

Source: me. I went through a brutal 18 month long custody battle after being married over 20 years. I was paying both my attorney and hers, going broke, losing everything including my beautiful home and good credit rating. I was eventually rewarded in the end by burying my cheating ex in the courts and winning primary custody. I’ve recovered, repaired my credit with a higher score than I’ve ever had and bought a new home several years later and have never been happier. Also I’ve never remarried, there is life after women!


Yes, lets try and ignore the 54% divorce rate, 75% of divorces that are filed for by women and what is becoming outright abuse of men in the family court system because hey, occasionally, someone has a good experience!

You are a fucking prick to come into a thread like this where the original poster is clearly dealing with some bullshit just to say - “Sucks for you I am doing fine”



Or marry someone who brings more assets into the marriage than you.


99% of women worth a damn marry up. If you wife makes more than you do you have failed as a man.


If you can hack it, coming back to America after 10 months with a son from India would cost you about 30k. And if you’re not Indian, you’d at least be allowed to know its really yours.




I assume your wife makes more than

Loser spotted


My best fren is going through a divorce. No kids and no alimony to be paid but she immediately got the house evaluated and he is gonna cut her a check for 100k after only 6 years together :frowning:

He got back from the bank last week and he went from paying his house in 15 years to another 30 years because of the money he has to fork over…

Worst part is she is a crazy spender and has already spent 40k out of the 100k (that she only receives in November) … She keeps asking to see him becaue she is lonely and playing hard to get (would not sleep with him) , when he finally decide to tell her it was over and he would not see her again she slept with him last week and then left the next morning again :frowning: My friend is a bit of a mess right now, my biggest fear is that she plays him like this until November when she is at -100k / + 100k = $0 and then decides to get back together … gets her name back on the mortgage … and rolls him over in a year or 2 for another 150-200k :frowning:

He had to get his mother to co-sign for his mortgage so he better not fucking let this woman get back in the picture because his parents are gonna be really pissed if he gets punked twice :frowning:


Oh he will, he’s losing every battle on the way to losing the damn war.

Women have no compassion for chumps.


Save him bro ! Take him to a good massage parlor or something. That snake :snake: is gonna bite him


Unfortunately this is exactly where it’s heading :frowning: They only started the divorce papers like 3 months ago. The way she did it was brutal:

They went to counseling (in order to try to save their marriage) and on the very 1st counselling appointment she made sure to put, for the record, that she wanted to get a divorce and would not change her mind.

So she basically used that oportunity to sit with a 3rd party to break it instead of fix it. The very next week, while they were still in mediation, she went out one morning to do groceries and cameback with a new 1 year lease to her own apartment. The day after the courts or mediators agreed that her part of the house was 100k she immediately went out and bought an almost new VW SUV :frowning: while he had to return their leased car because he could not afford payments, right meow he has no car it’s fucking sad man let me tell you.

Last week I saw exactly how this would unfold, it was his birthday and she was gonna pass around 8-9 PM so we were chilling, I was smoking a J and we were gonna eat some oysters and start drinking and she called… she said she was in the neighborhood, he said he was busy to just keep their rendez-vous for 8 pm … he walked away and cameback with sad puppy eyes… said she was on her way. Yeah she basically told him she was coming either now or not coming at all because she was already in the neighborhood.

I felt so bad for him. What can a bro do, I told him no worries and left.

The problem is gonna be with his mother, she will be really pissed off if he takes her back after co-signing for a 300k+ mortgage (just so he could give her 100k) and watching her son go from comfortable to basically house poor. They don’t even have kids she is just capitalizing on houses gaining insane value everywhere :frowning: and is gonna go for Round 2 I think.


I swear to God I had a straight talk with him the other day. I told him if getting laid could help get him out of this funk then I would devote the next 2 months to getting him soooo much pussy his cock would fall off (from the effort, not STDs)… I swear I have an all star lineup of whores at hos disposal plus I just went back to school so I can even get him 20something year old hotties but naw

He straight up told me he could not really fuck other women because he was afraid she would find out and go after his RRSPs lol

So far she has agreed not to touch his retirement savings but until the papers are finalized he does not trust her to keep her word. If she goes after his RRSPs he would have to fight her in court and he just doesn’t have the $$ or mental energy to do it, she will have 100k tax free (-40k or whatever she burns between now and Nov 1st ) very very soon.


Sad story but some guys choose to get played or destroyed in life. A buddy of mine from high school the responsible one , both parents were doctors

Yep he got married late in life to a gold digger bitch. He turned into a pathetic drunk & now the girl is playing & extorting money from his rich parents

Your son is a loser & I want more $$ if you wanna see your grand kids

But yeah I’d take him out for a drink & get him some side action
He’s in a bad spot probably no self esteem or respect
Even seeing some new pussy might wake him up


Stay strong bro ! You will make it thru hell. Keep trucking & take care of yourself

Lots of OGers have been in your shoes. Myself included. My advice keep your head , don’t lose your head